Event Insurance

Running an event?

Often during the organisation of any event, large or small, details can get overlooked. As an event organiser you need to make sure sports event insurance isn't one of them. By taking out sports event insurance with DareDirect, you can be confident that you will be suitably protected should an accident occur.

Event Insurance

Our sports event insurance offers public liability to protect an event organiser against the financial consequences of claims that a member of the public may make as a result of injury or damage to them or their property caused by the event.

This policy covers your liability as an event organiser against claims from the public while attending your event. The basic concept of public liability is that it will cover you as an organiser if something during the event causes injury or death to a third party. It will also cover you should damage to third party property occur.

Will I require Employers Liability?

You will require employers liability insurance for your event if you are employing anybody, whether they are paid members of staff or volunteers. Employers liability will cover your defence costs should any of these individuals suffer an injury, illness or death at the event.

Employers liability insurance is compulsory by law if employees are based in England, Scotland or Wales (including offshore installations or associated structures). The Employers Liability Act (1969) requires you to have at least a minimum level of insurance cover. At DareDirect we will require that you have employers liability in place if your event has volunteers or paid members of staff. In the instance where you will be using sub-contractors (i.e. self employed coaches, not exclusively working for you) then employers liability will not be required to cover these indviduals.

Products Liability

This protects an event organiser against the financial consequences of damage or injury caused to another person or business by the failure of your goods (including food and drink) or those you have sold, repaired or serviced. In the emerging compensation culture, consumers are increasingly willing to claim for injury or damage caused by a faulty or defective product.

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