Health and Fitness Insurance

Do you run a health and fitness centre?

If so, DareDirect is able to offer employers liability, public liability and product liability insurance for businesses providing sports services.

What do you need?

Employers Liability Insurance

By law, if you employ anyone, you will need this! Employers Liability Insurance protects a company against the financial consequences of claims made by an employee who has suffered injury, death or illness at work. When you take out a policy you will receive a certificate which must be displayed in an area where employees can easily read it.

Public Liability Insurance

This will protect your company against the financial consequences of claims that a member of the public may make as a result of injury or damage to them or their property. The majority of Health and Fitness Clubs interact with the public; the law states that if you or your business cause damage to someone or their property then you will have to pay for damages. A public liability policy will cover you and your club should the worst occur.

DareDirect know that it's impossible to eliminate all risks if you are running a business but by making sure the correct procedures are in place and by taking out public liability insurance, you are protecting your business against the threat of bankruptcy should a claim be made.

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