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Visitor Attraction Insurance

Do you run a visitor attraction? Unsure about what insurance you might need?

If so, DareDirect are here to help

Public liability insurance?

This will protect your visitor attraction against the financial consequences of claims that a member of the public may make as a result of injury or damage to them or their property.

Employer’s liability insurance?

If you have anybody working for you, you need it! You’re required, by law, to hold employer’s liability insurance, if you have anybody working for your business – even volunteers. It protects a company against the financial consequences of claims made by an employee who has suffered injury, death or illness at work. When you take out a policy you will receive a certificate which must be displayed in an area where employees can easily read it.

Product liability insurance?

Protects a company against the financial consequences of damage or injury caused to another person or business, by the failure of your goods e.g. prizes and medals (including food and drink) or those you have sold, repaired or serviced.

We know it’s impossible to eliminate all risks if you are running a business however, by carefully planning your sessions, putting procedures in place and by taking out suitable sports business insurance you’re protecting your company against the threat of bankruptcy should a claim be made.

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