Acceptance as an affiliate is at the sole discretion of Protectivity following a review of the applicant company and its corporate website.
Protectivity will generally only grant affiliate status to companies in the sports equipment, travel or leisure industry. Any company or website deemed unsuitable or not in keeping with the objectives of Protectivity or its customers may be declined affiliate status.

Affiliates of Protectivity are allocated ten percent of each order (after tax) for customers arriving at the Protectivity website through the affiliates unique web link or banner.

Affiliates of Protectivity earn commission by either posting a banner on their website which includes the unique affiliate link, including it within a text link accompanied by a Protectivity logo or sending it via email to customers and friends. There are a number of options available within the Protectivity affiliate area of this website.

An affiliate’s unique web link is made up of the affiliate’s allocated username and unique reference number which will be provided following authorisation of an application.

When this link is clicked it will place a ‘cookie’ onto the user’s browser, meaning if they return at a future date to purchase, our system will still log the sale as having come from the affiliate and a commission will be recorded.
Any commission earnings shall be sent by cheque or bank transfer four times within each calendar year (once ‘per quarter’) provided the overall amount owed to the promoter exceeds £15.00. If earnings fail to reach the minimum level, the amount of commission earned will be carried over to the next quarter.

Protectivity reserves the right to refuse commission where the placement of any tracked link cannot be confirmed, or when it is suspected that an affiliate is driving traffic to the website in an improper manner.

Further information on our Affiliate Scheme

If you have any other questions regarding our policy, then feel free to get in touch with our friendly team on 01494 887909. Our phone lines are open 9am to 5:30pm, Monday to Friday.