Key Facts – Activity Topup

This document is a listing of key facts for Protectivity’s Activity TopUp Insurance Policy. It contains selected information only. Your Insurance Schedule and the Policy Wording document provide full details of the cover purchased.

Who is the Insurer?

This Policy is arranged and administered by SportsCover Direct Ltd (trading as SportsCover Direct & Protectivity) and is underwritten by Catlin Insurance Company (UK) Ltd. who are authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority (Firm Reference No. 423308)..

What sort of insurance is this?

The Activity TopUp Insurance policy satisfies the demands and needs of a person who already has a valid Travel Insurance for the duration of a trip but needs to cover an activity that is excluded by the existing travel insurance.

How long will my cover last?

The actual validity dates are shown on the Insurance Schedule. Policies are valid for the specific dates purchased. You may need to review and update your cover periodically to ensure it remains adequate. The insurance is effective from the date processed (unless otherwise requested). Please note the cover will not incept if any payment method is dishonoured. We do not issue policies of more than 1 year although we will consider extending policies on application and with Insurers written agreement.

Are there any significant and unusual exclusions or limitations?

These are all set out fully in the policy wording and please note the following:
• Activity TopUp is valid only whilst participating in activities during a journey which is covered by an equivalent insurance which excludes the activities for which the Activity TopUp is taken out
• Activity TopUp is only available to persons resident in the United Kingdom, Ireland or an official BFPO address
• Activity TopUp only covers amateur activities – professional (earning over £5000 pa); are excluded
• There is an exclusion for losses arising from war or terrorist activities
• The insurance contains important conditions that relate to your health and existing medical conditions. In particular, you must declare pre-existing medical problems and details of all medical claims made in the past 2 years
• There are specific conditions applicable to certain sports such as diving, winter sports and mountaineering
• There are limits to the amount the insurer will pay in all sections of the policy. Some sections have internal sub-limits such as the amount the insurer will pay for any one item or the total amount for all valuables (such as photographic equipment)
• You may be responsible for paying part of the claim. The amount you have to pay is the excess. Under most sections of the insurance, claims will be subject to an excess as set out in the Benefits table
• You are required to take all reasonable care to protect yourself and your property and to act at all times as if you are not insured

Does it benefit me to have an EHIC?

Yes, for medical claims that exceed the monetary excess we will waive the stated excess when the EHIC or Medicare is used to reduce the cost.

What are my cancellation rights?

This document explains the consequences of cancelling an Insurance Policy and the resulting validity dates of cover. It also explains the way we treat policies paid in full and policies paid by instalments and how any claim that occurs after cancellation will be treated.

  • Cancellation within the 14 day Cooling Off period if a Policy has not been used

You can cancel this policy within 14 days of receipt of the policy documents or the start date (date of first payment), whichever is later (the cooling off period). We will cancel this policy back to the start date and refund the full Insurance premium (excluding fees charged at the point of sale, for example credit card and postage fees) to you providing the policy has not been relied upon and no claim has occurred. This will mean that you never had any cover or protection from this policy and no claim against it will be considered.

  • Cancellation outside the Cooling Off period – by customer request

You can request to cancel this policy outside of the “cooling off period” or during this period if you have relied on it but not made a claim. You are required to give 7 days’ notice.


a) When the Premium has been paid in full

Provided no claim has been made and there is no likelihood that a claim might arise we will cancel the policy on request. We will keep an amount of premium in proportion to the time you have been on cover and refund the rest to you less a charge £25 or 50% of the premium (whichever is greater) up to a maximum of £50, as an administration fee. The policy will be considered void from the date that the 7-day notice period ends.

b) When the Premium is partially paid (ie some instalments are still due)

Provided no claim has been made and there is no likelihood that a claim might arise we will cancel the policy on request. We will calculate the refund due as if the full premium had been paid (see a. above). We will then reduce the amount refundable by the amount of unpaid premium. If this results in a negative amount you will be asked to pay the difference if you wish to preserve some cover for the period up to the cancellation date. If you refuse to pay the outstanding premium, we will calculate the duration of cover for which you have paid and cover will cease from that date.

  • Cancellation outside the Cooling Off period – by failure to pay the agreed premium

If you fail to pay an instalment on the agreed date, we will commence the failed payment cancellation process outlined below.


  1. We will attempt to contact you immediately to ask for payment.
  2. We will send one further email and then attempt to call you
  3. We will send a letter by Recorded Delivery and a letter by first class post. We charge a £3.50 fee for this which is added to the unpaid instalment.
  4. We will cancel your policy using the cancellation terms outlined in point 2b. The end validity date will be calculated once all fees and charges have been taken into account. No refund will be given if we are unable to contact you after defaulting on instalments or if sufficient payment has not been made to cover your obligations.

Making a claim after a policy is cancelled
If you make a claim, provided the claim is made for an incident that occurred whilst the policy is valid, then the full premium, cancellation fees, other fees and excess will need to be paid before the claim is considered.
If you make a claim for an incident that occurred for a period now cancelled, then it will not be paid as cover was removed when the cancellation occurred.


If we allow you to pay for a Policy by instalments, you are agreeing to pay the Premium in full. We are effectively lending you the money to pay for the policy. If you fail to pay an instalment at the agreed time, then the remaining premium becomes due in full – unless you contact us and we agree otherwise.

If you are paying by instalments and your policy is cancelled, you may be asked to pay more if you wish to maintain cover up to the date on which you are cancelling. If you fail to pay, or you default on a payment the cancellation date may be moved back, based on a pro-rata calculation, to a point where the administration fee is recoverable.

How do I claim?

To make a claim please see further details on our Claims Page.

If I am unhappy what steps do I take to complain?

We are dedicated to providing you with a high quality service and we want to ensure that we maintain this at all times. If you feel that we have not offered you a first class service and wish to complain you can do so by following our complaints procedure. For further details on how to make a complaint please visit the complaints page.

Am I covered by the financial services compensation scheme?

We are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). You may be entitled to compensation from the scheme if we are unable to meet our obligations under this contract. A claim under this contract of non-compulsory insurance is covered for 90% of the claim without any upper limit. Further information about the scheme is available from the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

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