How To Use Facebook to Promote Your Martial Arts Business

Martial arts classSocial media has become a key marketing tool for businesses both small and large in the past couple of years and the biggest plus is it is completely free to use so it is worth considering for your martial arts business! Investing time into platforms such as Facebook can be a real asset to your business and in particular brand awareness. Successful companies that use this platform include Nike, Heinz and Coca Cola; all of whom have launched new products and created exiting campaigns purely for social media purposes. Here’s our top tips to help you make the most from your martial arts business’s Facebook page;

1. Get Involved
Make sure you are connected with people who are within the martial arts industry as well as local businesses, local people, pupils, instructors and anyone who may be interested in what you are posting and will want to share with their connections – remember the more people who see it the better for your brand awareness! Liking and commenting on other relevant posts also increases your brand’s reach. Finally, make your connections work and be mutually beneficial – sharing another business page makes them much more likely to promote your martial arts business page!

2. Be Active
There is nothing worse to see from a potential client’s viewpoint than a long forgotten facebook page – it just makes it look as though your business doesn’t care enough! Make sure you post regularly – anything from martial arts news, a class timetable, an update on your club and pupil’s progress or some photo’s of a session – just make it interesting and captivating for your intended audience!

3. Create Brand Ambassadors
Connect with your students and instructors – they already have a positive experience of your martial arts business and therefore are more likely to share with their friends and connections. Arguably the best marketing for your business is word of mouth and recommendations (look how essential sites like Tripadvisor have become in the last couple of years!) and therefore anything shared by brand ambassadors is much more likely to have a positive effect on potential clients.

4. Experiment with posts
Different types of posts (such as video’s, photo’s, links, articles, etc) work better for different businesses. Try out different styles and even mix up the tone (make it more fun or more serious) and see what works best for your readers – there is no right or wrong so it pays to experiment and monitor your connections reactions. If a particular post gets more shares and likes then try and continue with a similar theme, equally if one doesn’t get much attention then stay away!

5. Try Facebook Ads
If you want to go a little further and spend a little bit more time and money on social media marketing then facebook ads is an excellent way to promote your martial arts business. You can design the ads yourself so they can look exactly as you want but more importantly you can choose the audience who sees them. Facebook ads allows you to target your adverts to a particular geographical area meaning you can target local people who might be interested in your martial arts business – there is no point targeting someone in London if you are in Manchester!

Ultimately the success of your facebook page will depend on the amount of time and effort you put in martial arts businessand the lengths you are willing to go to make it work for your martial arts business. Although recent studies have suggested that social media has less of an influence on SEO than first thought, it will increase brand awareness and take your business to a wider audience. Brand awareness especially on a local level is essential for any martial arts business so the time and effort paired with free marketing is definitely worth the effort.

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