Most Popular Virtual Events in 2020

Who would have thought at the start of 2020 that virtual events were soon to surge in popularity due to the outbreak of COVID-19? From virtual wine tasting, Christmas parties and festivals to virtual conference and exhibitions, events of all types have adapted to operate safely in the current climate. 

Considering the growing popularity, it’s not surprising the number of people searching on Google for virtual event related phrases this year have increased dramatically since the outbreak, but just which ones have been the most popular? Using a list of different virtual events, we have analysed UK Google search volume data to find out the answers.

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1. Virtual Parties (36,130 Searches)

With families and friends not being able to socialise in person for most of 2020, people have turned to the idea of hosting a virtual party to keep in touch with one another and to have some fun. So, it comes at no surprise that searches for “virtual party”, “virtual Christmas party” and “virtual birthday party” come at the top. People are looking for a chance to connect even when they can’t physically come together. Being apart does not have to ruin the party!

2. Virtual Wine Tasting (23,280 Searches)

A lot of people have been lost for things to do during 2020 because most of the UK’s leisure and entertainment attractions have been closed to the public. As a result, new experiences such as virtual wine tasting have become extremely popular, so much so that over 23,000 people have search for it on Google in 2020. Companies around the country haven’t been blind to the surge in demand for vino related events either, with lots of companies now offering professional online wine tasting classes.  

3. Virtual Conference and Virtual Exhibitions (18,800 Searches)

Since March 2020, we have witnessed how event organisers have been forced to cancel or postpone their forthcoming event(s) especially conferences and exhibitions. It is therefore not surprising that people are searching for “virtual conference” and “virtual exhibition” on Google. From art exhibitions to business conferences, you can now attend these events from the comfort of your own home. Whilst organisers will most likely welcome the general public back when it is deemed safe to do so, there is a possibility they will still offer a virtual experience as a way of attracting more attendees.  

4. Virtual Festival and Virtual Concert (7,200 Searches)

The festival season looked quite different in 2020. Unfortunately, people were not able to enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of their favourite summer fiesta and celebrations. However, event organisers still managed to keep their communities connected and engaged through a series of astonishing virtual events. From the most popular music and DJ concerts to food, crafts, films and even literature festivals, people from all over the UK still had some taste of the action by tuning into the virtual space.

5. Virtual Gallery Tour (4,800 Searches)

Virtual gallery tours allow you to step inside and explore some of the world greatest collections of artworks from home and without the queues or ticket prices. Most popular online tours include The Vatican Museum – Rome, The Rijksmuseum – Amsterdam and The National History Museum – London. On some of the paintings, you can even obtain a 360-degree view and get lost in the corridors and gallery spaces of thousands of art treasures.

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*Methodology: Data sourced using Google’s Keyword Planner. Data correct as of November 2020.