Naming a Martial Arts Business

November 16, 2022

A martial arts business is an excellent way to help improve the fitness and self-defence abilities of your community, as well as helping people train for competitions. But with so many around, bringing in customers can be easier said than done, so being able to stand out from the crowd is vital.

The first step to achieving this is to give your business a unique name. In this guide, we’ll give you some excellent tips to naming a martial arts business:

Options for martial arts business names

Within reason, the only limit to your business’s name is your imagination, but the type of club you want to run will influence which type of name is suitable for you. To find the right one, give these four strategies a go:

Try something catchy

If you can create a name that is catchy, prospective customers are more likely to remember it and think of your business before they think of your competitors. Alliteration normally works well – think ‘Kickass Karate’, ‘Top Taekwondo’ or ‘Maximum Martial Arts’. Alternatively, try a play on words that sounds like a common phrase, like ‘Punch and Judo’ or ‘The Taekwonzone’.

Come up with a funny name

Another way of getting your business to stick in the mind is to come up with something funny, especially as it generates a positive emotional response in the potential customer. This is definitely an area where getting a second opinion is a good idea: partly to make sure the name appeals to different kinds of humour, and partly to make sure you don’t come up with something offensive.

Go serious and professional

If you want to portray a professional image of the club, especially if you’re looking at attracting an experienced and serious clientele, then it’s best not to be too creative with the names. Keeping things simple with ‘The XYZ Club’ (XYZ being your name, or the name of your club and local area) is a safe bet, as is ‘Judo Gym’ or anything similar that is simple and matter-of-fact.

Leave it to chance

If you’re struggling to come up with anything, then you could always try a random business name generator and see what it comes up with. There are plenty of name generators available online – just make sure you run any ideas past people you know, so that you don’t accidentally pick something completely inappropriate…

Get martial arts business insurance with Protectivity

Whatever you decide to name your business, getting martial arts insurance is absolutely essential. At Protectivity, we have years of experience providing affordable cover to clubs just like yours, including:

Public and Products Liability and Professional Indemnity cover, this is designed to cover any allegations of injury or property damage you receive, and it includes Participant to Participant injury

Employers’ Liability, which will cover yourselves for any claim allegations received from your employees and volunteers, should they claim you were negligible for any injury and/or illness whilst under your employment 

–  Group Personal Accident provides your club members with various benefits should they sustain a bodily injury caused by an accident whilst participating (or traveling to perform) in a recognised Martial Art

–  Directors and Officers’ insurance provides financial protection for directors and association officials in respect of their personal liability whilst working for yourselves. 

Find out more on our martial arts business insurance policy options here.

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