Best Sports Business Podcasts

December 14, 2022

If you’re looking at starting a sports business, then it can help to get some expertise and inspiration from people who have already been there and done it. Of course, it’s difficult to ask them your burning questions in person, but the good news is that many of them regularly share their wisdom in the form of sports business podcasts.

Whatever your sport and whatever your business objectives, there’s bound to be a podcast that resonates and helps you drive your idea on to success. In this blog, we’ll highlight ten of our favourites.

Our top 10 sports business podcasts

There are so many sports business podcasts to choose from that it would be impossible to list them all here, so here are ten that we recommend:

SportsPro Podcast

It’s always important to keep abreast of wider global trends within the sports business landscape. The SportsPro Podcast is an excellent way of doing that, as a wide range of different panellists discuss the key facts and business implications of the latest goings-on.

Unofficial Partner

If you want some inspiration from leaders in their field, then Unofficial Partner is a great place to start. They focus on interviews with some of the leading lights from the sports business industry, sharing their experiences on their success and their views on the current state of play.

The Rundown

This podcast on sports and event management has a distinctly American slant to it, but that can help you get a fresh perspective on how things run on the other side of the Atlantic. Top executives from the NFL, NBA and Major League Baseball regularly make appearances and deliver some fascinating insights.

Inside The Mind

Hosted by Adam Carter, Inside The Mind highlights the mental side of sports, both from competitors’ and coaches’ perspectives. If you’re planning to start a sports club or operate as a personal trainer, this podcast can be invaluable in learning how to connect with your players and clients.

Sports Marketing Huddle

Every sports business needs a good marketing operation if it’s to maximise its client base, whether its target market is professional sportspeople, or members of the public wanting to lose weight. Rob Cressy discusses all the latest innovations and bright ideas in sports marketing in this podcast.

StreamTime Podcast

Streaming is becoming an essential part of many sports businesses, especially when competition is involved. This London-based podcast takes a weekly look at the revolution in sports broadcasting, and how streaming is changing the game for organisations big and small.

Living Sport Podcast

If you’re a student or have recently graduated, and you’re looking at the sports industry as a career option, then this podcast is a great place to start. Industry professionals and leaders can give you helpful, practical advice on how to get a foot in the door, and make your passion for sports your living.

The High Performance Podcast

Success in any field can give you advice and inspiration that you can use for your own project. The High Performance Podcast is hosted by BT Sport football presenter Jake Humphrey, who is joined by psychologist Professor Damian Hughes to explore what successful people do to get to the top and stay there.

Performance People

Similar to the above but wider in scope, Performance People is the podcast from Mr and Mrs Ainslie: Sir Ben, a multiple Olympic champion sailor; and Georgie, long-time presenter on Sky Sports. As well as interviewing sporting leaders, they also gain insights from the worlds of entertainment, business and politics, too.

With Me Now

It’s always important to get the perspective of people who are involved in sport for the sheer joy of it. With Me Now is a podcast all about parkrun: it’s created by two passionate parkrunners who share a range of uplifting and fascinating stories about the people who run 5km every Saturday morning, rain or shine.

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