Top Fitness Trends for 2016

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2015 has been a great year for the fitness industry with a boom in healthy eating and exercise and the trend is set to continue well into 2016. We predict what the top 5 fitness trends will be and how you can incorporate these into your sports business.

wearable tech1. Wearable Technology
This is set to grow into 2016 with newer and improved versions of the Fitbit, Apple Watch and others introduced to the market. Whether wrist band, heart monitor or an app for your phone they will continue to exploit the GPS tracking, calorie counting and workout data technology to improve usability. What is new in this area is technology incorporated within workout clothes for example a heart rate monitor within your top or GPS tracker in the sole of your shoe. This will become increasingly popular as the need to carry around your smart phone or wristband is decreased. This will make it easier for personal trainers to track their clients progress and set accurate and specialist fitness plans.

2. Functional Fitness
People are now busier than ever juggling work, family, social commitments and more meaning exercise and fitness moves further and further down the list of priorities. Therefore, functional fitness will be increasingly important in 2016. This means personal trainers coming to your work place to train you, lunch time classes and gym sessions put on in local gyms and increase participation in classes such as Buggyfit and Canincross. As the name suggests BuggyFit is a class for new mums who are able to work out with their babies and Canicross is for dogowners allowing them to walk their beloved pet as well as getting some intense exercise.

shutterstock_2008581263. Yoga
We featured yoga such as Bikram and Anti-Gravity in our fitness trends for last year and popularity in these classes will continue to grow. New types of yoga are set to make an entrance such as Salty Yoga and Doga. Salty yoga as the name would suggest means posing in a room lined with salt which boasts anti-inflammatory and other health benefits. With the benefits for athletes and fitness fanatics becoming more wide known, yoga studios are set to pop up all over the country as popularity continues to soar.

4. Work Promoted Fitness
As employers get more clued up as to what keeps their workforce happy and healthy and ultimately at their desks a fitness drive is likely to be an early port of call. You don’t need a survey to tell you that a person who takes regular exercise has more energy, better concentration and less likely to take a sick day. Therefore, employers are likely to partner with local gyms and businesses to offer gym membership as a benefit to employers or may even consider employing fitness instructors to hold classes within the office at lunchtimes.

5. Fitness Apps
There are some successful fitness apps already around and as gym membership prices continue to soar these will become increasingly popular as alternative. Another benefit of fitness apps such as those from The Body Coach and Kayla Itsines is that they can be done anywhere and at any time. These are great to incorporate into a client’s fitness plan and keeps them to a programme even when you are not there to train them.