What are the top marketing trends for 2016?

2015 has brought some new marketing trends to the business world and specifically to the sports business world. The growth of tools such as Fitbit has made way for social media platforms to support health and fitness. How are these trends set to continue and what are the expected marketing trends that we could see in 2016?

Here are just four trends which could have an impact on business marketing campaigns for 2016:

marketingInteractive marketing

The use of videos and photos shared instantly through social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram has grown in 2015 and is set to continue in 2016. Snapchat is a video messaging application which has seen growth in the US and is popular for the younger age group (13-34 year olds). Photographs and videos (known as ‘snaps’) can be shared to a tailored group through the application enabling targeted marketing. Any of these tools can be used to generate interactive and impactful marketing campaigns. With the Oculus Rift (a head mounted virtual reality display) due for launch Q1 2016 this could pave the way for marketing campaigns which consumers can be fully immersed in. At the beginning of this year, Adweek reported that Elle Magazine planned to live stream a fashion show using Oculus Rift, although it might be many years before we see exercise classes or training being conducted in this way!

Advanced search capabilities

Even within social media, a growing capability to seek out exactly what you are looking is likely to make our favourite social media sites a ‘one stop shop’, taking searching online beyond Google, Bing and Yahoo. The potential is for searching, messaging and making payments to take place all on one site – allowing a more integrated marketing experience. At the heart of this is making shopping, finding and booking a sports class or exchanging news with friends that much easier and faster! So, think beyond traditional SEO to consider social media networks.

Health & Fitness Club Insurance smallContent Marketing

Content marketing is growing and changing, sending targeted emails about offers or news has become standard practice for most businesses. This needs to be considered if you want your sports business to stand out amongst the numerous emails that flood into our inboxes every day. It is estimated that 2.4 million emails are sent every second globally!Personlisation has been important for a while but programs such as MailChimp allow you to send targeted emails to specific groups making it easier for you to reach your intended audience with a relevant and tailored message.

Instant access is the future

More and more of us are choosing to shop and interact with brands using apps on our mobiles instead of the website with mobile searches having overtaken desktop and tablet this year. This trend is only expected to continue so if your business lends itself to an interactive app that could allow your customers to book training sessions or just find out your latest news then 2016 could be the year! This has the added benefit of being able to use an app as part of your marketing campaign – communicating offers, discounts or case studies to an already engaged customer base. If an app is too much of a leap then ensure that your website is compatible with a smartphone to keep up with all those people preferring their mobile to a desktop.

So, embrace the emerging technologies and consider them as part of your 2016 marketing strategy to ensure that your sports business reaches your customers.

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