What is wedding public liability insurance?

When taking out wedding insurance, covering yourself against cancellation is likely to be high on your priorities list. However, couples should also consider the importance of having suitable public liability insurance for their wedding.

Not only is it something that could protect you against financial ruin, but it is also a requirement for some venues.

What does wedding public liability insurance cover?

In short, having public liability cover for your wedding will protect you if a guest caused personal injury to a third party or damage to their property. This could come in a variety of scenarios.

For example, a guest, engrossed in showing off their dancing skills could spill a glass of wine on the DJ’s speakers. If this damaged the supplier’s equipment they could seek legal action against that person, and the wedding event as a whole.

With public liability insurance in place  you and your guests would be covered for the legal costs associated with defending themselves. If a compensation settlement was deemed necessary, the insurance would take care of the costs.

Public liability also includes cover for damage to the venue. This be particularly useful if you are getting married in a venue particularly valuable furniture such as Listed mansions. Whether a vase is knocked over in the scramble to catch the bride’s bouquet or a flailing leg during the conga accidentally damages a chair, your insurance would cover you.

Wedding Insurance - Broken Wine Glass

What it doesn’t cover

One thing to remember is that while very similar, public liability is not personal liability. The latter will often be included alongside public liability but is designed to cover you and your partner on your wedding day. Public liability covers the actions of all of your invited guests, as opposed to yourselves.

Many wedding insurance policies will include both on a standard policy, but knowing the difference is important.

While public liability will cover damage caused to property, this excludes your own items. So if a guest accidentally spilled their drink on your wedding dress, this isn’t the part of the policy which would cover you. However many policies, including Protectivity’s include cover for wedding attire, giving you protection in this instance.

Another exclusion common to wedding insurance policies is to do with the venue’s floor. If you are having a disco at your wedding reception, it’s worth ensuring that guest’s footwear will not damage the dance-floor. Often damage caused in this instance will be excluded on your policy.

Wedding Public Liability - Damaged Floor