As well as covering yourself for your actions, it is important to have protection in place for what you say.

For example, as a personal trainer, you will be constantly offering advice and suggestions on how your clients can best achieve their goal. You could be held liable if a client then implements that advice, by attempting a drill or lift for example, and injures themselves.

If you are considered to be at fault and have been negligent in your duty of care, your client may sue you for the injuries they have sustained. This is where professional indemnity comes into play.

You will be covered for the advice you give in a professional capacity should a client sue. Professional indemnity means that we will handle defence costs and subsequent legal damages that you may be ordered to pay.

Professional indemnity also covers businesses in a variety of other scenarios. For example, should a client sue you because of an error or omission on your part, dishonesty from an employee, an unintentional breach in confidentiality or loss of documents, you are protected.

As standard with all of our personal trainer policies, the level of professional indemnity you receive on your insurance is matched to your public liability. If you are covered for £2 million of public liability costs, your professional indemnity cover will also be £2 million.

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