Liability cover for martial arts instructors

Our martial arts instructor insurance covers a wide range of disciplines including Karate, Taekwondo, Judo, Jujitsu amongst others. We understand that you may teach more than one martial art and therefore our policies can be tailored to suit your specific needs.

Our policy for instructors protects you against claims from clients and members of the public who have sustained injury or property damage caused by you or your clients while undertaking your activites in your Dojo or classroom.

For an instant quote for your martial arts instructor insurance simply fill in the information below and you can be covered in minutes.

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How are you protected?

Take out a martial arts instructor insurance and you’ll be protected should a claim arise following injury to a member of the public or one of your clients. With the growth of ‘no win, no fee’ more and more martial arts instructors are seeking protection should one of their client get injured and lay blame on the trainer.

We’ll handle solicitors, cover your defence costs and should you be found negligent – handle the settlement of the claim, all you need to do, to get martial arts instructor insurance, is get a quote using the Instant Quote above.

Key benefits

Public Liability A range of cover from £1 million – £10 million for injury or damage to third parties or their property. Includes legal defence costs.
Professional Indemnity Our Indemnity Match matches your professional indemnity to the level of Public Liability you choose, up to £10 million to cover for any claims arising from negligence or error in your professional activities. Protection if you offer any advice or provide any tuition or instruction to your customers.
Personal Accident Cover (optional) Covers you should an accident occur whilst you are carrying out the activities for which you are insured. Includes cover for Death, Permanent Total Disablement and also Income Protection.
Sports Equipment Provides cover for sports equipment that you specifically use to carrying out the activities for which you are insured. This option does not cover any electrical items such as iPads, iPhones, Laptops, Sound Systems, Speaker or similar.

At Protectivity we understand the need for flexible cover and therefore we offer a range of extra benefits which can be added to your policy. More information on our full range of benefits can be found on the quote page.

Qualifications & Ratios

We expect you to hold a certified qualification in the activity(s) you are teaching/instructing. We do not require proof of your qualifications, however we may ask to see them in the event of a claim. If you are uncertain about your qualification please call us to discuss.

When teaching group exercise we expect you to access the environment to determine the maximum number of participants that can safely carry out the activity. If you are teaching under 16’s we expect all trainers to comply with a trainer to participant ratio of 16:1

See our FAQs for specialist product information.

Martial Arts Covered

We cover a wide range of martial arts including: Aikido, Atarashii naginata, Budo, Bujutsu, Capoeira, Chi Gung, Chi Kung, Choy Li Fut, Gongfu, Gung fu, Hapkido, Iaido, Jeet Kune Do, Judo, Jujutsu, Karate, Kempo, Kendo, Kenpo, Kuk Sool Won, Kung fu, Kungfu, Kyudo, Ninjutsu, Praying Mantis, Qigong, San Soo, Shaolin Quanfa, Shindo Jinen Ryu, Shōrinji kempōm, Shotokan, Sogi Budo, Sumo, Taekwondo, T’ai chi ch’uan, Tàijíquán, Tang soo do, Ving Tsum, Wing Chun, Wing Tsun, Wu Ji Chuan, Wushu, Yoseikan Budo.

Why choose us?

  • Tailored quotes to suit your needs
  • Thousands of happy customers
  • Affordable prices
  • Instant quotes and cover
  • Flexible payment options
  • Dozens of martial arts covered
  • £250 free equipment cover

For more information on our policies and what your insurance will cover you for, please visit our FAQs page.

Flexible payments

We offer multiple payment options at Protectivity, so paying for your insurance policy couldn’t be easier.