Full liability cover for netball coaches

Like any sport, there is some form of risk involved in netball. As a coach, it is important that you cover yourself against potentially costly third  party Public Liability claims.

Our specialist netball coaching insurance can be built around your needs. As standard we include Public Liability and Professional Indemnity to protect you from claims surrounding injuries to third parties or property damage. If you are blamed or sued as a result of your negligence, we will handle the legal costs to defend you.

This policy is designed to cover sole traders and individuals coaching netball. If you are a limited company or employ any members of staff, our Sports Business Insurance policy is the one for you.

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How are you protected?

You’re protected in a number of ways with our netball coaching insurance. Should a player that you are coaching injure themselves during a game and claim it to be due to your negligence, there is a chance they could sue you. Also, if a ball from one of your matches was to leave the court and smash a window of a parked car, you could be on the receiving end of legal action.

In either of these situations, we would take steps to defend you in court. This includes covering your legal costs, including solicitors fees and if you are found negligent, handling the settlement of your claim.

With Sports Equipment cover in place, we will also cover the costs of repairing or replacing any sports equipment that is damaged or lost, up to the benefit limit on your policy.

Key benefits

Public Liability A range of cover from £1 million – £10 million for injury or damage to third parties or their property. Includes legal defence costs such as solicitors fees and other settlement costs.
Professional Indemnity We match your Professional Indemnity cover to the level of Public Liability you choose, up to £10 million. This covers any claims arising from negligence or error in your professional activities, including the advice you give.
Optional Personal Accident Provides a lump sum payout if you suffer a serious injury while carrying out your coaching duties. Income Protection also covers a proportion of your salary should you be forced to miss work through injury.
Sports Equipment Provides cover for sports equipment that you specifically use during your netball coaching. This option does not cover any electrical items such as iPads, iPhones, Laptops, Sound Systems, Speaker or similar.

Qualifications & Ratios

We expect you to hold a certified netball qualification in order to take out our policy. Our insurance cover will only protect you whilst you are carrying out the activities for which you are qualified to do. We do not require proof of your qualifications, however we may ask to see them in the event of a claim. If you are uncertain about what your qualification means please contact your training provider.

When coaching we expect you to access the environment to determine the maximum number of participants that can safely carry out the activity. If you are coaching under 16’s we expect all trainers to comply with a trainer to participant ratio of 16:1

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Flexible payments

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