Covering the costs of your wedding day

It’s the aspect of your Wedding Insurance policy that most couples really hope they don’t have to claim on, but it’s an unfortunate fact that sometimes weddings need to be cancelled.

And while the emotional stress and frustration of having to call off your big day can be tough to take, without insurance in place it can also be a financially costly scenario to find yourself in.

There are a whole host of reasons couples may choose, or be forced to, cancel their wedding day. Thankfully, with a suitable wedding cover in place the expenses that you may have already faced could be recouped if the worst came to the worst.

It’s important to note that cancellation cover on our Wedding Insurance policy won’t cover you if you simple get cold feet, or decide on the morning of your wedding that you really don’t like your dress. Instead, cover is provided for those situations where continuing with the wedding day as planned is inappropriate or simply impossible.

Possible reasons to cancel

For Protectivity, there are a number of scenarios where your wedding insurance will allow you to claim for cancellation:

  • Illness
    Either the groom or the bride, or a close member of their family are taken ill, or worse, die, in the lead up to the day. If the illness of that particular family member means carrying on as usual is inappropriate, your cancellation cover could cover the costs.
  • Closure of the Venue
    When the venue you have booked for your big day is simply unable to hold your wedding. This could be because of damage caused by flood waters or fire, an outbreak of infectious disease or that it has been closed down by the local authorities.
  • Non-appearance of a supplier
    You would also be covered if one of your main suppliers failed to turn up on the day. This includes professional services such as florists, photographers or registrars. The latter would certainly mean you would be unable to marry, while if you were unable to arrange for a replacement photographer or alternative florist, it could be grounds for cancellation.
  • Redundancy
    If the bride or groom or a relative whom is making a proven, significant, financial contribution to the wedding is made redundant, you're covered for cancellation so long as the redundancy occurs at least eight weeks after taking out your insurance policy.
  • Military posting
    Should a member of the main wedding party or a close family member be unexpectedly posted overseas to serve for the UK armed forces or are called into unavoidable duty for the emergency services it may be required to cancel the wedding. This would be covered under your wedding insurance policy.
  • Complete loss of ceremonial attire
    If your wedding dress or suit, or that of the bridesmaids, ushers and groomsmen or parents of the couple be lost or damaged to a point where it is not wearable, and there is no time to source a replacement, you would be covered to cancel the wedding.
  • Adverse weather
    Everyone wants perfect weather for their big day, but we obviously can't guarrantee that. Cover for cancellation does not mean you can call off your wedding if there's some rain in the air. Instead it would need to be so bad that the wedding party and guests were physically unable to reach the wedding ceremony or reception venue due to the weather conditions.
Wedding Cancellation Cover - Rings

How to make a claim

If the worst does come to the worst and you are required to cancel your wedding, we aim to make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible.

As soon as you know that you are going to have to call off your wedding it is advised to call our specialist claims team on 0344 412 4296, with your policy number to hand. You will also need to quote the reference number 06734A when asked.

From there, our expert handlers will guide you through what you need to do put in your claim whether you are cancelling your wedding altogether, or are planning to rearrange it to another date.

It’s never nice hearing of couples having to postpone their special moment, but we know all too well that having a good insurance policy in place can stop those stresses and problems multiplying when couples are faced with wedding planning problems. 


Further information on our policy

If you have any other questions regarding our Wedding Insurance policy, then feel free to get in touch with our friendly team on 01494 887909. Our phone lines are open 9am to 5:30pm, Monday to Friday. 

More information on what we can cover on this policy can be found on our FAQs page.