The Most Googled Hairstyles Around The World

Styling and cutting hair is a great way for people to express themselves, experiment with styles and follow fashion trends. Over the years different hairstyles have come in and out of style – from the 70’s shag cut, to the mullet in the 80’s, and not forgetting ‘The Rachel’ in the 90’s! As well as trends changing over time, hair can represent many different things including heritage, religion and culture, making it a true part of our identity.

Considering the importance of the hair styles we choose, it’s not surprising that hairstyles are searched for and googled by users across the globe. While we know that certain hairstyles are common in different places, we wanted to find out which hair looks come out on top globally.

Using a list of over 170 different hairstyles and barber cuts, we analysed Google search volume data for countries around the world. Take a look at the map below to find out which style comes out on top and the most popular hair looks being searched for.

A static graphic that displays the most Googled hairstyles around the world by country.