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What does Event Insurance cover?

Event insurance gives financial protection to event organisers and those taking part such as a stallholder, should an incident occur that results in a claim. Our policy includes Public Liability Insurance as standard, with optional benefits for event organisers such as Employers’ Liability, Event Cancellation Cover and Equipment Protection

These benefits will protect those who are organising or taking part in a wide range of events, such as parties, craft fairs, food festivals, fetes and sporting events.

Our policy, which is underwritten by AXA XL, can be taken out to cover you during a one-off, single or multi-day event. Should you organise or attend multiple events throughout a given year then our annual policy options might be more suitable. To get an instant quote just complete our short online quote form which can be found further down this page.

If you have any questions about our Event Insurance or wish to get a quote over the phone, give one of our UK based sales team a call on 01494 887909.

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Why choose Protectivity?

Over 25 Years Experience

We have been providing insurance policies to individuals and businesses for over 28 years. Your event is in safe hands, with a policy build around your exact needs at a great price. 

Excellent Claims Handling

From an injured visitor to a damaged speaker, things can go wrong at an event. We’re determined to make the claims process as hassle free and efficient as is possible.

Leisure Industry Specialists

With our bespoke quick quote system, we aim to give you a price to cover your event instantly. In the rare occasion that this is not possible, we endeavour to provide you with one within two working hours.

Underwritten by Experts

Our Event Insurance policies are underwritten by AXA XL. As one of the world’s leading underwriters of niche insurance products, they know exactly the cover you need.

What does our insurance for events cover?

We can provide cover for organisers and attendees of one-off events and multiple events throughout the year. Depending on the type of cover needed, our Event Insurance policies can include these four areas of protection.

Public Liability

We provide up to £10 million in Public Liability Insurance. This will protect you should a compensation claim arise because a member of the public, a performer, speaker or other third-party suffer an injury or property damage at your event. Our Public Liability cover will meet the needs of your venue or local authority.

Employers' Liability

If you employ any staff at your event, including unpaid volunteers, helpers and stewards it is a legal responsibility for you to have Employers’ Liability. This covers you should a staff member suffer and injury and blame your event.

Equipment Cover

From tables at fetes, to sound equipment at concerts and festivals, our policy can cover your specialist items. The policy will cover your equipment against loss, damage and theft.

Event Cancellation

If you are hosting an event, we can provide up to £50,000 worth of protection should you be forced to cancel or rearrange your event. You can get your event cancellation insurance quote below.

I was impressed how fast and efficiently my claim was handled. It was clear how to make my claim and the process was straightforward. Overall, very pleased.

Fantastic claims handling

No matter how well your event is organised, problems can occur. That’s why with our insurance for event organisers we make it easy for you if you have to claim.

Our dedicated team of handlers aim to deal with your situation as quickly and sympathetically as possible. It’s no wonder the vast majority of customers who have to claim are pleased with how it was handled.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will Event Insurance cover me for hiring out a venue?

A. Yes, our Event Insurance policy is suitable if you have been asked to purchase public liability insurance by the owners of a venue or local authority. 

Q. Will I need Employers’ Liability Insurance? 

A. If you have any volunteers or paid staff at your event then you will need Employers’ Liability as a legal requirement. We would expect all sub-contractors to have their own insurance. 

Q. How long can each event last?

A. If you are organising a one-off event, the event can last no longer than 5 days (including set-up and set-down). If you purchase an annual multi-event policy, each event can last no longer than 3 days (including set-up and set-down). It is 14 days for our Single Event Stallholder Insurance policy (including set-up and set-down)

Q. How many events can be covered in one year?

A. Depending on the desired policy, we can cover a single event, or alternatively, our annual multi-event policy can cover either 15 or 52 events in any annual period. Just select your required option when getting a quote.

Q. Does the policy cover the stallholders at my event?

A. No, any independent stallholders, exhibitor or supplier who engages with your event should have their own Public Liability in place. This policy is designed to protect you as the event organiser, and not those who exhibit or sell at your event.

If you have your own stall at events, then take a look at our Stallholder Insurance policy.

Q. What is covered under ‘Event Equipment Cover’?

A. Our ‘Event Equipment’ benefit covers items owned by, hired or leased to you and used for the sole purpose of the event.

The policy can provide up to £2,500 of cover for each item against loss, damage and theft. Equipment covered under this policy includes marquees, tents, stagings, machinery, generators and other ancillary items such as merchandise and lighting.

Q. What activity types are you unable to cover?

A. There are certain ‘Hazardous Activities‘ that we are unable to provide cover for on our insurance policy for events.

If any third parties exhibiting or trading at your event will be engaging in any of these events, they must have their own Public Liability insurance in place.

Tips and advice on organising the perfect event

Organising events, big or small, can be hard work. This handy event planning guide will ensure you’re on the right track, but why don’t you take a look at some of our great blogs on organising and running your event.

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