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Specialist Business Insurance for Gyms and Fitness Clubs

Our specialist Gym Insurance is designed to protect gyms and fitness clubs of all sizes, while providing excellent value for money .

Our comprehensive policy can include Public Liability, Buildings and Contents Cover and Employers’ Liability. You can also opt to add Business Interruption Cover to protect you from financial loss incurred from not being able to operate due to a fire or flood, for example.

Whether you are an independent gym or a CrossFit® Box, we can help you create the exact insurance policy you need.

We aim to provide you with a tailored quote to meet your needs as soon as possible. Just complete our short quote form by clicking on the link that can be found below. Alternatively, you can get a quote by calling us on 01494 887909. 


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Why choose Protectivity?

Gym Insurance Specialist

We’ve been providing insurance for the sports and leisure industry for over 25 years. Our experienced and knowledgeable team can help you build the policy that is right for you and your gym.

Excellent Claims Handling

With a large number of people using heavy equipment in most gyms, it is inevitable that accidents happen. That’s why our expert team of claims handlers aim to deal with claims as efficiently as possible.

CrossFit® HQ Approved

We are one of the few insurance providers to be approved by CrossFit® HQ to offer cover for Affiliates in the UK. Our bespoke policies provide competitive cover for dozens of boxes.

Competitive Rates

We’re pleased to be able to offer gyms and health and fitness clubs extremely competitive rates for Public Liability, Buildings and Contents Cover and more, without compromising on cover.

What insurance do Gyms need?

When running a health and fitness club there are many things that you need to consider when taking out insurance.

Public Liability

Provides insurance for gym owners if a member of the public is injured or suffers property damage and blames the gym. Public Liability provides the cover for the necessary legal fees associated with defending the gym in this instance. If the business is found to be negligent, any settlement would also be covered by your insurance policy. Gym liability insurance costs can vary. 

Employers' Liability

If you employ staff, whether it is on a full-time, part-time or a voluntary basis, Employers’ Liability is a legal requirement. If a member of staff was to blame the gym for an injury or property damage they have suffered, your insurance for gym policy would cover the costs of defending the gym and the subsequent settlement of the claim.

Buildings & Contents Cover

You can add this to protect your equipment and the building itself against damage caused by instances such as fire, flood and vandalism. To add this cover, just select the exact amount of protection you need on your quote form.

Business Interruption Cover

Should your gym have to close for a period of time due to fire, flood or another disaster, Business Interruption Cover can safeguard your gym against the financial losses associated with being unable to operate for a period of time.

I was really pleased with how my claim was settled. It gave me great confidence that Protectivity covers me when the worst happens.

Fantastic claims handling

No matter how well your gym is operated, accidents do happen. That’s why we aim to make these scenarios as stress-free as possible.

According to the vast majority of customers who have had to make a claim, our dedicated team deal with the situation in a manner that meets our customers’ high expectations of us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does Gym Insurance cover me for?

A. All our health & fitness club insurance will include public liability should one of your customers or a member of the public gets injured whilst using your facilities. Professional Indemnity is included which will cover you should someone get injured by or arising from any tuition, instruction or advice given, as long as they are appropriately qualified to do so within your business. Should you employ any staff (including volunteers), you will legally need employers’ liability which we can also incorporate.

Q. Will my equipment be replaced on a new for old basis?

A. Yes, provided the insured value meets the cost of the new item.

Q. How quickly will my documents come?

A. We will issue your insurance certificate immediately after you have paid for your health and fitness club insurance.

Q. Do you include buildings and contents cover?

A. We would need the full details of the type of health and fitness club which you operate before we can confirm whether or not we can provide buildings and contents cover. Please contact one of our advisers to discuss your building and contents requirements further by Tel: 01494 887909 or email: enquiries@protectivity.com

Further information on our policy

If you have any other questions regarding our Gym Insurance policy, then feel free to get in touch with our friendly team on 01494 887909. Our phone lines are open 9am to 5:30pm, Monday to Friday. 

More information on what we can cover on this policy can be found on our FAQs page.