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Specialist Insurance for Martial Arts Clubs & Associations

Whether you run a small martial arts club with 50 members or are a director for a larger association, when combat sports are involved having protection against liability claims is vital.

Our Martial Arts Clubs & Associations Insurance policy includes Public and Products Liability as standard to protect you against claims resulting from injuries to members and other third parties. Also included is Professional Indemnity, which is matched to your selected level of Public Liability to protect you if the club’s actions were deemed professionally negligent, resulting in an injury.

As sports and leisure insurance specialists we have extensive knowledge of the industry so whether you practice karate, judo, taekwondo, jujitsu or a range of other martial arts we will have cover to suit your club.

Each policy can be tailored to your club or association, with a range of indemnity limits and benefits such as Group Personal Accident, Employers’ Liability and Public Liability to choose from. To get an insurance quote for your club, start by filling in the form below. It shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes to complete. Otherwise, call our team on 01494 887909 to talk through your requirements.

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Why choose Protectivity?

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Whether you operate a karate club that meets multiple times a week or oversee a taekwondo association with thousands of members, we can build a policy around you to provide you with bespoke cover for your martial art organisation.

150+ Activities Covered

There are a whole host of martial arts disciplines out there and we can cover a lot of them. We are able to provide protection for over 150 activities, from Judo to Kyudo to Shaolin Kung Fu.

Specialists in the Industry

We’ve been providing insurance to individuals and businesses in the sports and leisure industry for over 25 years, that’s why we’re trusted by thousands to give them the best possible protection.

Underwritten by Experts

Each of our insurance policies for martial arts clubs and associations is underwritten by AXA XL. As one of the world’s leading sports and leisure insurers, you’re in good hands.

What Insurance Do Martial Arts Clubs Need?

It’s important to understand the type of cover you need when operating a martial arts club. Here are the four aspects of cover we can offer you.

Public and Products Liability

This aspect of the policy covers the club for injury to its members and other third parties, as well as property damage caused. If your club is blamed, due to an unsafe venue or failing to take other safety measures, the costs of defending the club plus any settlement will be taken care of by your insurance. 

Employers' Liability

If you employ any staff members, whether they are paid or voluntary, you must take out Employers’ Liability. This covers you if an employee was injured or suffered property damage as a result of the club’s actions. Like Public Liability, if they sue the club, the defence and settlement costs are covered.

Group Personal Accident

We can provide individual cover for injuries to your members. Should a member suffer a serious injury when taking part in club activities, they could be eligible for a lump sum payment. Cover can also be provided for the cost of physiotherapy required as a result of an injury sustained whilst training or competing with the club.

Directors and Officers'

This covers directors and officials at the club against claims regarding their wrongful actions whilst in their capacity as a club or association manager or director. Legal liability and defence costs are included in the case of any director taking part in disqualification, regulatory, civil or criminal proceedings.

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Fantastic claims handling

We hope that none of our fitness professionals ever need to make a claim, but unfortunately it does happen and can come about because of a variety of reasons.

In the unfortunate situation that you need to make a claim, we aim to make the process as straightforward and stress-free as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you include Member to Member cover?

A. Yes, this forms part of the public liability cover, this would cover one member to another member for negligent injury. This is not a form of group personal accident insurance.

Q. Which martial arts weapons and disciplines are covered?

A. We have an extensive list of styles and disciplines that we are able to provide cover for with the addition of the use of weapons also. This can be found by using our Quick Quote process.

Q. What is the difference between Public Liability cover and Personal Accident insurance and do I need both?

A. Personal Accident cover provides a benefit (subject to the policy terms) if a member is injured whilst participating in Martial Art discipline regardless of negligence. For example, some of the benefits available are Permanent Total Disablement, Broken Bones, Medical Expenses and Physiotherapy Sessions and Rehabilitation and Retraining Expenses.

Public Liability cover is an indemnity for Legal Liability against claims from the public, club/association members for bodily injury or property damage caused by the club/association or its members.

Q. What is the procedure when we need to claim?

A. Claims are handled by the Underwriter AXA XL. Details of the claim department and process can be found on your policy schedule.

Q. Do you only cover clubs and associations?

A. We currently cover a wide range of Clubs. Associations, Academies and Schools. With our versatile policy cover, we can provide you a no-obligation quote today.

Q. Does your policy of insurance cover our club and/or association for organising events, competitions and tournaments? 

A. We understand that as a club and more so an association, you are involved in arranging events for members to display their capabilities in their chosen martial arts. Our policy product will cover you for organising events on the basis that participants are members of your club and/or association, for those participants who are not members of your club and/or association, they need to be members of a club and/or association that have their own insurance. Also, events must not be larger than 500 visitors per event, including participants and spectators.

Q. Can we make changes to our cover if we grow our members?

A. Yes, it is quick and easy to make a change to your policy. Give us a call on 01494 887909 to discuss this further and we would be more than willing to help!

Q. Are our instructors insured on our policy of insurance or do we need separate instructor insurance?

A. If your instructors are members of your club and/or association and only provide instruction to your members, within the remit of your club and/or association, you will not require separate instructor insurance for your instructors, they will be included without specifying them on your policy of insurance.

Q. What insurance do martial arts clubs need?

A. Every club is different and depending on the number of members and range of your activities, requirements will vary. We provide four main areas of coverage to clubs and associations.

Public & Products Liability cover – Either £1m, £2m, £5m or £10m Limit of Indemnity options available
Liability insurance for clubs covers them for claims, damages and injury to members and other third parties or their property. This could come about if a club member blamed insufficient safety measures by the club on an injury suffered whilst training. Also included as standard when selecting this benefit is Professional Indemnity. The limit of indemnity is matched with that of Public & Products Liability selected for your policy.

Employers’ Liability cover – £10million Limit of Indemnity available
If your club employs any staff, it is a legal requirement to take our Employers’ Liability cover. Should one of your staff members suffer an injury or property damage and blame the club, having this cover in place will ensure the defence costs and other legal fees met by the club are handled by your insurance policy.

Directors and Officers Liability cover – Up to £1million Limit of Indemnity available
Protection for those in management or director roles at the company. Should anyone associated with the club take out legal action because of the wrongful actions of a director or official, having this in place will cover the legal costs associated with defending that official, as well as any settlement.

Group Personal Accident cover – Four levels of cover to choose from
Individual cover for your members if they were to suffer an injury whilst taking part in your chosen activities. Lump sum benefit payments available for loss of bodily function as well as rehabilitation expenses incurred for physiotherapy fees, emergency dental expenses and temporary loss of income.

Q. Where does the policy cover the club to operate?

A. The policy is designed for martial arts clubs and associations who are based in the UK. However, cover is extended to protect the club anywhere in the world.

Please note, that for clubs or associations operating overseas, the applicable jurisdiction is still the United Kingdom, meaning any claim against you needs to be filed under UK law.

Q. Is there an age limit on the policy?

A. We understand that martial arts clubs can have a huge range of ages as members. The minimum age we can cover under this policy is four-years-old, while there is no maximum age. However, for individuals over 80-years-old, we are unable to provide Personal Accident cover.

Further information on our policy

If you have any other questions regarding our Martial Arts Club Insurance policy, then feel free to get in touch with our friendly team on 01494 887909. Our phone lines are open 9am to 5:30pm, Monday to Friday. 

We can also provide Martial Arts Insurance to individuals, providing them cover at home or abroad against injury and financial loss.

More information on what we can cover on this policy can be found on our FAQs page.