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What does Pet Sitting Insurance include?

Your pet sitting insurance policy will provide you with up to £10 million worth of Public Liability, £100,000 Care, Custody and Control cover should an animal get injured, lost or killed, plus £10,000 worth of lost key cover and £1000 worth of loss of money cover as standard.

You will also benefit from £250 of equipment cover which can be increased up to £30,000 if required. Additional cover options can be included such as Personal Accident, Professional Indemnity and Legal Expenses.

As a pet sitter, it’s important to have full pet sitters liability insurance to protect you should anything go wrong. This could be something as simple as a misplaced key to a client’s house, to an injury to an animal in your care or a member of the public.

You can buy your annual pet sitters policy in full or spread the costs over 10 months by taking advantage of our flexible monthly payment plans. Get a quote now for more details. 

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Why choose Protectivity for Pet Siting Insurance?

Fast & Straightforward Process

We aim to make buying insurance easy, that’s why you can get a quote for our Pet Sitting Insurance policy and buy your pet care insurance cover in just a few minutes. If you’re specifically looking for dog sitting insurance or cat sitting insurance, both will be covered under our pet minding insurance.

14 Activities Covered

Whether you’re a professional pet sitter, groomer or walker, we provide cover for 14 different activities in the pet industry, for no extra cost under the same policy.

Specialists in the Pet Industry

We’re one of the leading providers of pet care business insurance, meaning our experienced team can provide the after-sales support you need.

Excellent Claims Handling

Our specialist claims handlers aim to deal with any claim you have, minor or serious, quickly, without causing disruption to your business.

What's included in your Pet Sitting Insurance policy?

Whether you are looking specifically for pet sitter insurance or dog walker insurance, or pet boarding insurance all of our Pet Business Insurance policies include the following benefits as standard:

Public Liability

Choose between £1 million and £10 million worth of cover in case of injury or damage to a third party or their property caused by your business’s actions or by an animal in your care. So, for example, if a dog you were walking was to bite a member of the public and they blame you for it, you could be covered. If you are deemed to be liable, we would cover the defence costs, plus all sums that you may subsequently be liable to pay as damages.

Key Cover

In the event that you lose a client’s keys, you are covered up to £10,000 for new keys, replacement locks, the cost of re-setting intruder alarms and associated call-out costs.

Losing the key to someone’s home has a two-fold effect. Firstly, the cost of a new key and secondly the cost of replacing the locks that would need to be broken to get back into the property.

Care, Custody & Control

This comes as standard within our pet sitting insurance policy and provides you with protection should one of your clients’ pets get injured, go missing or even die whilst in your care.

Under your Pet Business Insurance policy, you will be covered for up to £100,000 for the animals you are in charge of (up to £25,000 per animal).

There is an excess of £50 on each policy for any care, custody and control claims made, but having the cover in place could save you a huge amount of money were something to happen to a client’s pet.

Equipment Cover

Many pet businesses require at least some equipment to run their business successfully. Damage or loss of these tools of the trade can have a severe effect on business, both financially and operationally.
So whether you are a dog groomer that needs to protect your scissors or a walker that needs cover for leads – Protectivity’s Pet Business Insurance policy can help.

As standard, we provide £250 worth of cover for your equipment against theft, loss and accidental damage, free of charge. You can increase the protection of your items up to the value of £30,000.

Non-Negligent Cover

Similar to the Care, Custody and Control benefit, you are also covered for accidental loss, injury, illness or death to an animal in your care during the course of service delivery through no fault of your business.

Close Family Extension

Your close family members are included under your policy as standard. Therefore, if you employ your husband, wife, son, daughter or any other close family, you do not need to take out Employers’ Liability.

The following benefits are optional extras:

Legal Expenses

The Commercial Legal Expenses benefit provides up to £100,000 worth of indemnity for legal defence and tax protection. This benefit also gives you access to our 24-hour helplines, for legal, tax, or counselling, to support you in running your business as well as access to an online legal document service.

Employers' Liability

If you have any employees or volunteers in your business you will require Employers’ Liability insurance. Our Employers’ Liability benefit provides £10 million worth of cover, double the minimum legal requirement.

I was really pleased with how my claim was settled. It gave me great confidence that Protectivity covers me when the worst happens.

Fantastic claims handling

From a cut paw to something more serious, it’s never nice when something happens to an animal in your care. And as a provider of one of the leading pet services insurance products, we’re committed to making our claims process as smooth and efficient as possible.

If you need to make a claim, just click the link below, select the relevant form and fill in the details and we’ll take it from there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you need insurance to be a pet sitter?

A. As a pet sitter, you’re responsible for the care and protection of your client’s pets whilst they’re in your care. It is strongly advised that you get adequate cover for your business to protect against things like injury to yourself, another person or the pet, equipment damage, or loss of client’s keys. Find out more in our pet sitting business insurance guide.

Q.Do you need a licence to be a pet sitter?

A. In the UK, you generally do not need a specific license to be a pet sitter. However, if you’re planning to operate a business that involves the care of animals, there are certain regulations and guidelines you should be aware of:

Animal Welfare Act 2006: Any person responsible for a pet must ensure the welfare needs of animals are met. This includes providing a suitable environment, food and water, the ability to exhibit normal behavior patterns, appropriate companionship, and protection from pain, suffering, injury, and disease.

Local Council Regulations: Depending on the specific services you provide and how you operate your business, you might need to comply with certain local council regulations. For example, if you look after dogs from multiple households at your own home, you may need a home boarding license.

DBS Check: Although not mandatory, having a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check can be beneficial for building trust with your clients, as it shows you do not have a criminal background.

Q. What pets are covered?

A. At Protectivity, we cover most domestic animals as standard as part of our pet sitting insurance cover including dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, reptiles, fish and more. If you’re unsure as to what cover you need, give us a call today on 01494 887909

Further information on our policy

If you have any other questions regarding our Pet Business Insurance policy, then feel free to get in touch with our friendly team on 01494 887909. Our phone lines are open 9am to 5:30pm, Monday to Friday. 

More information on what we can cover on this policy can be found on our FAQs page.