Insurance for pet sitters

As a pet sitter, it’s important to have full pet sitting liability insurance to protect you should anything go wrong. This could be something as simple as a misplaced key to a client’s house, to an injury to an animal in your care or a member of the public.

Protectivity’s pet sitting insurance policy provides you with up to £10 million worth of Public Liability, £50,000 Care, Custody and Control cover should an animal get injured, lost or killed, plus £10,000 worth of lost key cover as standard.

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“Very easy to use and straightforward, complete package took under 10 minutes from start to finish!

Lee-Anne – September 2017

“Their public liability insurance for pet sitting services offered exactly what I needed with easy to understand explanations.”

Hannah – October 2017

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What’s included in out pet sitting insurance?

Our insurance for pet sitters provides all the cover you need when working with dogs, cats and numerous other animals. When you take out a policy with Protectivity, we can provide you with the following:

If a member of the public is harmed by your businesses actions, whether that be because of a dog in your care, we’ll cover the costs of defending yourself in court if you are sued. This also includes cover for damage to a third parties property. If you are blamed and sued, the legal costs are handled by your insurance.

This covers any vet fees that are encountered after a dog or any other animal in your care is injured as a result of your negligence.

We appreciate that not all injuries to animals you sit are going to be your fault. With Non-Negligent cover in place, you’ll be protected for any vets fees for injuries suffered to animals in your care, even if they weren’t a result of your negligence.

Should you enter a client’s property, it’s likely that you will be responsible for a set of keys. If you were to lose those keys, the locks to your clients’ property may be damaged in order for you to gain access to the property. Having key cover in place, will not only cover the costs of a new set of keys but also replacement locks.

As a pet sitter, you’re unlikely to require a large amount of equipment to run your business. However, with £250 worth of free cover, we can protect things such as dog beds, bowls, toys and leads against damage and loss.

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How it works

Whether you operate as an organised doggy daycare set up, or on a more informal basis, when you take out a Protectivity pet sitting insurance policy you’ll be protected should a claim arise following an injury to a member of the public, a pet owner or an animal in your care. Under this policy you will also be covered should you or a dog you are responsible for cause damage to the property of a third party. We’ll handle solicitors, cover your defence costs and should you be found negligent, handle the settlement of the claim.

There are a number of risks when offering pet sitting services, to both yourself, the animals you take in and the general public, so ensuring you have comprehensive insurance for dog sitting is vital.

Our pet sitting insurance policies are valid for businesses who operate within the United Kingdom. Should you need cover for activities outside of the UK then please call us to discuss your requirements.

Policy extras

All of our Pet Business Insurance policies, regardless of the activities you are undertaking include ‘Close Family Extension’. This means that if you have members of your immediate family helping you out with your pet sitting business, they are covered as standard. As such there is no need to take out Employers’ Liability if you only employ your husband, wife, son, daughter or other close family member.

If you have any other members of staff, Employers’ Liability is a legal requirement. Having this cover in place will protect your business if one of those employees was to suffer an injury and blame, and subsequently sue, your business.

We also allow you to add Personal Accident cover to your policy for a small premium. This means that should you, as the business owner, suffer a serious injury while carrying out your pet sitting activities, you could be eligible for a lump sum payment.

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