Refer & Save up to £40 on Your Renewal

At Protectivity Insurance, our customers are always recommending us to their friends and colleagues.

So, as a thank you, we give our existing Personal Trainer and Coaches Insurance customers and Pet Business Insurance customers £5 off their next renewal for each of their friends who buy their insurance cover from us (a maximum of £40 can be earned off the renewal of your current policy).

We’ll even give your friend a 5% discount too

Why Refer a Friend to us?

  • You get £5 OFF your renewal for each friend (up to 8 can count) who buys a new policy from us
  • Your friend gets a 5% discount off their new policy with us
  • Refer as many friends as you like


Refer a Personal Trainer / Coach

Refer your friends to our Personal Trainer & Coaches Insurance.

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Refer a Pet Business

Refer your friends to our Pet Business Insurance.

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