Insurance for dog walkers

Our dog walking insurance includes public liability cover for dog walking and 14 different pet care activities which you may also undertake such as pet sitting, home boarding, pet grooming or pet taxi service at no extra cost.

While you aren’t legally required to have insurance as a dog walker, we strongly recommend you take out a policy to protect yourself and your business against potentially costly claims, should you be sued.

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What our customers say:

“Quick and easily explained. Good amount of choices and laid out brilliantly. Will definitely recommend to my other dog walking buddies.” 

Jacqueline – October 2017

“Best price I found out there for my dog walking business insurance cover.”

 Chris – March 2017

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What does our Dog Walking Insurance policy include?

Dog groomers and those who provide a walking service to other domestic animals can benefit from full protection with our policy. Protectivity’s dog walking cover comes with the following benefits as standard:

If you were on a dog walk and a dog in your control was to attack a member of the public or another dog, it could be that you are blamed. If you are deemed to have acted negligibly and are sued, Public Liability will cover you. This means that defence costs, including solicitors, will be taken care of by your insurance, as well as any settlement costs. This benefit extends to any accidental injury or property damage that is deemed to be the fault of you and your business.

You will undoubtedly be taking responsibility for a number of dogs in your business. Covering them for any injuries that they might suffer is very important. Care, Custody and Control, will take care of the vet bills should a dog in your care suffer an injury due to your professional negligence.

Sometimes injuries can occur and there’s no one to blame. Thankfully, you’re covered if a dog you are walking is hurt and it’s not your fault. Once again, you’ll be covered for any vet fees.

You may take control of the keys to a client’s house in your walking business. Our policy provides cover for lost keys, as well as the cost of fixing any locks that are damaged as a result of keys being misplaced.

You might not use a huge array of equipment whilst walking your canine clients, however anything you do use is included up to £250 as standard. If you require any extra cover, we can add that on to your policy.

  • How many dogs can you walk?

A maximum of 6 dogs can be walked at any one time, this includes exercise off the lead.

  • Close Family Extension

Close family are included in your policy as standard. Therefore, if you employ your husband, wife, son, daughter or other close family, you do not need to take out Employer’s Liability.

See our FAQs for specialist product information.

How it works

While you aren’t legally required to have insurance as a dog walker, we strongly recommend you take out a policy to protect yourself and your business against potentially costly claims, should you be sued.

Your policy will include public liability as standard, whilst £50,000 care, custody and control will also be included to protect you against the risk of an accidental injury, loss, illness or death to an animal in your care. Your policy will cover you to walk a maximum of six dogs at any one time. There may be local limits on the number of dogs that can be walked in certain areas such as parks at any one time, so we recommend you check for any local restrictions if you intend on walking multiple dogs.

With a range of other benefits at unbeatable prices, like free equipment cover, our policy offers reassurance to you and your dog walking business that it is suitably protected against a claim.

When you take out a dog walking policy you’ll be protected should a claim arise following an injury to a member of the public, a pet owner or an animal in your care, and you’ll also be covered for damage caused to other property. We’ll handle solicitors, cover your defence costs and should you be found negligent, handle the settlement of the claim.

Activities covered

Our pet business products combine cover for 14 different activities at no extra cost. To find out about some of the other pet-related businesses, please see the links below.

Our happy customers

You can read reviews from our many happy pet business owners on our Review page, but’s here’s what a handful of our satisfied customers had to say:

“This is my second year with this company. They have been a great help with my dog walking and boarding job.”

Hazel, February 2018

“Competitive rate of policies and allegiance to loyal customers – lot’s of other companies don’t seem to value loyal customers.”

Burnadene, January 2018

“I love how this company insured me for all related things such as grooming and sitting. I had to speak to a member of staff, who was very polite and helpful. Signing up couldn’t be easier.”

Alison, December 2017

“I needed insurance for my grooming business. I also do a bit of home boarding and dog walking. No need to add extra services and answer lots of questions, it’s all included!”

Judy, December 2017

More about our dog walking cover

As a dog walker, we understand that you may partake in other activities as pet business such as pet sitting and pet transportation. Therefore our dog walking insurance covers an extensive range of other pet care related activity. Our policy covers you for walking up to six dogs at one time and while we do not stipulate that they must be on a lead, they must be under control at all times. We understand how important it is to owners to feel that their pet is in safe hands and while we know dog walkers will look after them as best they can, we will be there should anything go wrong.