If you already have travel insurance but need to cover an activity during a trip, which is excluded by your existing policy then Activity TopUp can be used to cover you during that activity. So, should you have an accident or get injured whilst talking part in your sport we’ll have you covered.

Activity TopUp can be bought before or during your trip providing you have general travel insurance in place, and your documents will be emailed to you instantly after purchase. We understand the need for flexibility and therefore all our policies can be tailored to your specific requirements.

It’s easy to get an instant quote for your Activity TopUp insurance – simply fill out the short form below and you could be covered within minutes.

Giving you extra

The following can be included on all policies:

  • Over 500 sports covered including competitions
  • Discounts for couples, families and groups
  • Cover documents emailed straight away
  • Cover for those up to 75 years
  • 24hr emergency assistance

See our FAQs for specialist product information.

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Important notes about these sports

    You will be covered for the above selected sport(s) plus any sports in sports group 1, 2 and 3. All sports include cover for competition unless otherwise stated.


    We won't cover

    Contact Us

    Cover for the following sports can't be purchased online:

    Please call us on 01494 484800 to purchase cover, or see our full contact details

    How it works

    To purchase our Activity TopUp you will need the dates which you plan to partake in a particular sport during your trip and the name of your existing travel insurance provider. We can cover over different 500 sports, including those that you plan to participate in competitively – as long as you are an amateur or semi-professional (earning less than £5,000 per year from your sport). Once you have purchased an Activity TopUp policy, your documents will be emailed to the requested address immediately after payment confirmation.

    Key benefits

    Medical Expenses & Repatriation Reasonable hospital, medical and other expenses, whilst abroad, following accidental bodily injury, illness, or death during a trip. Includes emergency repatriation back to your home country on medical advice or due to serious accident, illness or death of a close relative or business partner.
    Personal Liability Covering your legal liability resulting from accidents causing death, bodily injury or property damage to a third party.
    Cancellation and Curtailment Covers the actual and unavoidable costs you incur if forced to cancel or cut short a planned activity as a result of specified causes such as death, injury or illness.

    Flexible payments

    We offer multiple payment options at Protectivity, so paying for your insurance policy couldn’t be easier.