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Specialist Barbers Insurance from £3.76 a Month

Our Barber Insurance policy includes public liability as standard, which will protect you should you be sued by a member of the public for injury to them or damage to their property. The policy also provides equipment cover, personal accident and many more benefits.

Our insurance policies for barbers start for as little as £54.54 a year. We offer the added benefit of allowing you to pay for your policy on a monthly basis, with no interest added whatsoever, meaning you could pay as little as £3.76 a month for annual cover*.

Should you employ any staff, you can add up to £1 million in employers’ liability insurance. With this in place, you are covered if any employee suffered physical injury or death as a result of the employer’s negligence. 

To get your instant quote, just start by giving us some basic information about your barber business. We can then give you an instant price and in just a couple of minutes, you and your business can be protected against potentially costly liability claims.

Get an instant quote for barber shop insurance

Why choose Protectivity for barber insurance?

Fast & Straightforward Process

You can get a quote and complete cover quicker than it takes for you to do a Grade 0 all-over. Just tell us how much you expect to earn this year and the level of cover you need and we’ll give you an instant price. Then fill in a few details and your insurance is in place.

Competitive prices

Our policy for barbers and hairdressers is hard to beat, starting at only £53.54 a year. Add in that you can pay a 20% deposit upfront, before splitting the rest into 10 interest-free monthly deposits and it looks an even better deal!

Niche Insurance Specialists

We have been providing insurance for niche businesses for over 25 years so know that having a bespoke policy to meet the needs of barbers is vital to ensure our customers have the best possible cover.

Excellent Claims Handling

Each Barber Insurance claim is handled by Woodgate and Clark who are specialists at ensuring your situation is dealt with in the most suitable and efficient manner.

What insurance does a barber need?

Most freelance or self-employed barbers will look to include some of the following insurance benefits:

Public Liability

Pubic liability insurance is included as standard on all of our Barber Insurance policies. Public Liability for Professional Treatments and Products Liability gives you up to £10 million of cover if you injured a third party, while you carry out your insured activities, such as if a shaving cream you used triggered an allergic reaction from your client. Your policy covers the defence fees and any subsequent settlement.

Equipment Cover

We can provide up to £12,000 of cover for items of equipment you use to run your business. Cover is provided on a new for old basis for items under three years old, meaning that regardless of whether you have had the item for three months or three years, we will replace it with a brand-new equivalent if the damage is irreparable.

Employers' Liability

If you employ any members of staff it is your legal responsibility to take out Employers’ Liability. This will cover you for £10 million should a staff member sustain bodily injury, illness, disease or medically recognised psychiatric injury whilst working under your employment.

Personal Accident Cover

Accidents at work can cause financial hardship, so by taking out our additional Personal Accident cover, you’re protected if an injury meant you were unable to work for a significant period of time. This includes loss of income as well as a range of other injuries.

Third Party Property Damage

This covers you against any non-negligent loss or damage to the property of others that you may cause during the period of providing your hairdressing or barbering services.

Legal Expenses

This optional benefit provides you access to a legal helpline and a counselling service in addition to legal defence costs. The cover can be upgraded further to include employment disputes, property disputes, health and safety disputes and more.

I was really pleased with how my claim was settled. It gave me great confidence that Protectivity covers me when the worst happens.

Fantastic claims handling

We are committed to making our claims process as smooth and efficient as possible.

If you need to make a claim, just click the link below, select the relevant form and fill in the details and we’ll take it from there.

Why do barbers need insurance?

Barbers insurance would provide cover in the event of a third party member getting injured or their property damaged. The policy also provides cover for personal accident and if your equipment is lost or damaged. You have the option to add employers liability if you employ any staff, so if any of your employees get injured, you will also be covered. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What activities can Barber Insurance cover me for?

A. We can cover the following activities as standard under our Hairdressers and Barber Insurance policy:

The use of:

 – Clippers/trimmers and cut-throat razors

 – Electrical equipment such as curlers, straighteners, hairdryers and tongs

The application of:

 – Bleaches, dyes, perms and tints

 – Hair extensions (subject to you being qualified for the extension method you are using)

– Nail polish (including the application of acrylic coatings, cutting and shaping of nails), false eyelashes and semi-permanent eyelash extensions

– Tooth jewellery

The activities of:

– Ear piercing using a gun and stud

– Eyebrow plucking (including threading and waxing), shaping, dyeing, tinting and perming including semi-permanent mascara

– Washing, cutting, styling and drying of hair

If your chosen treatment is not listed, just get in touch and speak to one of our friendly advisors to see if we can cover you.

Q. Do you need to see my qualifications/certificates?

A. We do not need to see proof of your qualifications for you to be able to take out our insurance. We do, however, require you and any employees the relevant qualifications or certificates for the services you are providing. Please note, that we do not accept qualifications that are obtained by a method of remote learning (e.g. internet-based training courses).

If you need to make a claim on your Hairdressing Insurance policy then we may request to see these documents. Should we discover that you are not qualified to carry out the insured activities, we may reject your claim.

Q. Am I covered to work from home?

A. Yes. Our policy is designed to cover freelance barbers, hairdressers and mobile salons all around the country. Any policy you take out will cover you and your business, as opposed to a specific address.

This means that you’re covered regardless of whether you are working at home, in a client’s house or within a dedicated barbershop.

Q. Am I covered if a customer doesn’t like their hair cut/treatment?

A. No, this is something that is not covered. Our policy is designed to cover Liability issues, such as injury to a third party, such as a customer, or damage to their property. For example, our policy would cover a barber if they were to cut a client’s face with a razor blade whilst performing a shave with a cut-throat razor.

Q. Can you insure my barber products and stock?

A. Yes, our Equipment Cover benefit includes protection for things such as styling products, treatment items and other stock you may use or sell in your barber shop.

Like your specific barbering equipment, it is covered against loss, theft and damage up to the value selected on your policy. We even provide £250 worth of cover free of charge with every policy taken out.

Q. Can I hire equipment if my equipment is damaged and I need make a claim?

A. Yes, if you have a valid claim due to equipment damage or loss of your hairdressing supplies, we will cover the costs of hiring a temporary replacement in the meantime.

The policy will cover these costs until your claim is settled, or until your damaged item is repaired, whichever is soonest.

Further information on our policy

If you have any other questions regarding our policy, then feel free to get in touch with our friendly team on 01494 887909. Our phone lines are open 9am to 5:30pm, Monday to Friday. 

This content has been created for general information and should not be taken as advice. Make sure you have the correct level of cover for your requirements. For full details on what is covered check our policy documentation with your quote.

*Prices refer to a quote from our website 06/10/2023. Prices will differ depending on requirements. Make sure you have the correct level of cover for your requirements. For the most accurate pricing get a quote.