Specialist Insurance for Animal Events

If your business involves running animal events, shows or fundraising activities, it is important to have the right level of insurance cover. We can provide a single policy that will cover your event if things were to go pear-shaped.

We know it’s impossible to eliminate all risks, but by making sure you have Public Liability cover you’re ensuring your business is protected for injury or damage to third parties or their property.

Our insurance protection for animal events, shows or fundraising activities covers the organisers should a claim arise following injury to a member of the public, or if their property is damaged as a result of your event’s activities, all within one policy.  

We also offer Employers’ Liability, which protects you should an employee make a claim against you or your event, as well as Cancellation Cover and Equipment Cover to protect all aspects of your day.

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What will your Insurance Cover?

There are four broad sections of our policy which covers animal events and shows, giving you protection in variety of ways. Public Liability comes as standard, but each of the remaining three benefits can be removed or altered to suit your event.

Public Liability

Public Liability insurance for dogs or other animal events gives you up to £10 million worth of cover should a member of the public suffer an injury or property damage and hold you and your event responsible.

Employers' Liability

Whether you have paid staff, or volunteers, Employers’ Liability is a legal requirement if you have any staff working for your event. This will protect you if they were to be injured, blame you as the event organiser, and take legal action.

Equipment Cover

From agility equipment to staging and lighting, protecting the equipment you use is likely to be hugely important to you. We can cover you against loss, damage and theft to safeguard the items you need to deliver your event smoothly.

Event Cancellation

If you are hosting an event, we can provide up to £15,000 worth of protection should you be forced to cancel or rearrange your event due to Adverse Weather only. You can get your event cancellation insurance quote below.

I was really pleased with how my claim was settled. It gave me great confidence that Protectivity covers me when the worst happens.

Fantastic claims handling

From an injured animal to damaged property of an attendee, it’s never nice when things go wrong at your event. That’s why we’re committed to making our claims process as smooth and efficient as possible.

If you need to make a claim, just click the link below, select the relevant form and fill in the details and we’ll take it from there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is there a limit to how long my event can go on for?

A. Our policy is designed to cover events lasting no more than 15 days.

Q. My event takes place next week, can you still cover it?

A. Yes we can offer cover for an event even in the week it is happening.

Please note that for any events taking place within seven days, there will be no Cancellation Cover. However, if you have obtained your quote prior to the seven day cut-off but have purchased subsequently, then Cancellation Cover will be included.

Q. What is included under ‘Event Equipment Cover’?

A. This benefit provides cover for the items owned, hired or leased to you and used for the sole purpose of the event.

Covering accidental damage, loss and theft the policy provides up to £2,500 worth of cover for each item. Equipment covered under this policy includes marquees, tents, stagings, machinery, generators and other ancillary items such as merchandise and lighting.

Q. What constitutes ‘Adverse Weather’?

A. For your policy’s Cancellation cover to come into effect under the Adverse Weather clause we require either a health and safety official or appropriate emergency authority to certify that it is dangerous or reckless to hold the event.

We may require you to provide photographic evidence and Met Office records in the event of a claim under this benefit.

Q. Are there any activity types that you are not able to cover?

A. Yes we have a list of ‘Dangerous Activities‘ that we are unable to cover on this policy.

If there will be any third parties exhibiting or trading at your event who will be engaging in any of these events, they must have their own Public Liability insurance in place.

Further information on our policy

If you have any other questions regarding our Animal Events, Shows and Fundraising Activities Insurance Policy, then feel free to get in touch with our friendly team on 01494 887909. Our phone lines are open 9am to 5:30pm, Monday to Friday.