Your Holistic Therapy Insurance will include Public Liability and Professional Indemnity as well as Professional Liability (Medical Malpractice) cover as standard, to protect you from unforeseen and unwanted instances that result in a legal dispute.

You will also be able to cover your businesses’ equipment, handling the cost of replacing or fixing lost or broken tools of the trade used in holistic treatments to help you continue your business as normal.

Whether you specialise in reiki, pranic healing or any other spiritual healing practice, obtaining insurance for holistic therapy is important for practitioners to remember.

Should a client or a third party injury themselves because of the actions or advice of your business, you could be liable for a large financial outlay, firstly to defend your business in court, before the possibility of having to pay damages.

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What’s included in your Holistic Therapy Insurance?

  • Professional Liability: £1 million – £5 million protection for claims relating to physical injury or psychological damage deemed to have been caused by your chosen holistic therapy.
  • Public Liability: £1 million – £5 million protection for injury or damage to third parties or their property.
  • Professional Indemnity: £1 million – £5 million protection against claims arising from not only what you do but also the advice you give.
Other option benefits include
  • Business Equipment cover: Up to £5,000 worth of equipment cover, protecting against damage to the tools of your trade.
  • Personal Accident cover: Covers you should you get injured whilst carrying out the activities for which you are insured.

How it are you protected?

Our therapy insurance product protects a wide range of holistic therapy practitioners. You are covered for liability claims that might arise from a third party or a customer getting injured, or their property is damaged, as a result of your business activities.

With malpractice cover you are well protected to continue your business practice without the worry of a potentially costly lawsuit.

If someone were to sue your business, your insurance cover means we would take care of the legal fees from defence costs to paying out any related damages.

What is holistic therapy?

Holistic therapy touches on all the aspects of a person, body, soul and spirit to aid the improvement of physical well-being. The different disciplines of holistic therapy from spiritual healing to massage therapy can be used as a relief for general aches and pains or to provide respite for far more serious issues.

Practitioners would on the principle that everyone has the ability to possess healing powers, it is just about learning how to channel them correctly.

Many aspects of holistic therapy stem from long-held beliefs of the cultures in the Far East and India, such as acupuncture and reiki healing, while other are more recent, westernised developments.

What holistic therapies can we cover?

We can provide liability insurance for a wide range of holistic health practitioners from massage therapy to shamanic healing. To view our full list of the holistic treatments we can cover, click here.

Flexible payments

We offer multiple payment options at Protectivity, so paying for your insurance policy couldn’t be easier.