Insurance for pet taxi services

If your business involves the provision of a pet taxi service, it is important to have the correct insurance in place. Our pet taxiing policy offers a range of benefits; including care custody and control, or animal liability, which covers you in case you accidentally lose or injure an animal which is under your care.

Running a pet taxi service may involve transporting an animal to a sitter, home boarder or grooming appointment. Undertaking any or all of these other activities could well form part of your pet business’s overall service offering. This is why our insurance has been designed to cover all pet business activities; including pet transportation, at unbeatable prices.

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What does our Pet Taxi Insurance policy include?

If you run a pet taxi service, ensuring you have cover in place to protect your business should anything happen to your clients’ pets, a member of the public or their property is vital.

As standard our pet taxi insurance policies come with the following benefits:

If a member of the public is injured or suffers property damage as a result of your businesses actions you could be sued. With Public Liability protection in place, your defence costs and legal fees will be covered by your insurance.

As you will be working with animals in your daily business it is important to cover yourself for if you were to injure a pet in your care. This could be because you allowed a dog to jump out of your car from an unsafe height or any other reason for an animal in your care being injured. This benefit means any vet fees that you encounter in this instance, are covered.

It may be that injuries suffered by animals in your care aren’t your fault. Therefore we are able to provide cover for vet bills for injuries suffered where there is no blame, to provide you with that extra peace of mind.

It may be that you take control of a client’s keys when transporting their animal. Should you lose them it may be necessary to replace the locks to their property for security reasons. Our key cover gives you protection for the cost of new keys and locks.

Although we expect your vehicle to be covered under your car or van insurance, we provide £250 worth of equipment cover as standard for the other tools you may use in your day-to-day business.

See our FAQs for specialist product information.

How it works

Our insurance for pet taxiing protects you should a claim arise following an injury to a member of the public, a pet owner or an animal in your care. You’ll also be covered for damage caused to other property as a result of the actions of your business. We’ll handle solicitors, cover your defence costs and should you be found negligent, handle the settlement of the claim.

Our policies are valid for business operating within the United Kingdom. Should you need cover for activities outside of the UK please call us to discuss your requirements.

Policy extras

Our Pet Business Insurance policies include ‘Close Family Extension’, regardless of the activities you are undertaking. This means that if members of your immediate family helps you out with your pet taxiing business, they are covered as standard. There is no need to take out Employers’ Liability if you only employ your husband, wife, son, daughter or another close family member.

For any other members of staff, Employers’ Liability is a legal necessity. This cover will protect your business if one of those employees was to suffer an injury and blame and subsequently sue your business.

We also allow you to add Personal Accident cover to your policy for a small premium. This means that should you, as the business owner, suffer a serious injury while carrying out your pet sitting activities, you could be eligible for a lump sum payment.

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