Key Cover Explained

Dog walkers, in particular, have more than just the animals themselves to look after. Many business owners will take charge of a client’s keys to collect dogs for their daily walks. Protecting those keys and ensuring they are safe can safeguard your cash as much as looking after the dog does.

Losing the key to someone’s home has a two-fold effect. Firstly, the cost of a new key and secondly the cost of replacing the locks that would need to be broken to get back into the property.

This is where Protectivity’s key cover comes in handy. We will cover up to the value of £10,000 for:

  • The replacement of lost keys and damaged locks
  • Costs involved in setting or resetting intruder alarms
  • Temporary security protection while the above is arranged

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An Example of our Key Cover Claims

Whilst walking a client’s dog, one of our insured dog walkers misplaced their keys to the owner’s house. Due to the loss of the keys, the homeowner needed to have their locks replaced on their doors. The cost of this was covered under our dog walker’s insurance policy.

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