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What is window cleaning insurance?

Our window cleaning insurance has been specifically tailored to window cleaners in the UK. Whether you are a domestic or commercial window cleaner, our policy will provide you with the cover you need.  

As standard, Public Liability Insurance for Window Cleaners is included, with the option to upgrade further. This will provide you with cover in the event of an unfortunate incident resulting in a claim being made against you by a third party member. The policy will provide protection against third party bodily injury or property damaged caused by you or your employee(s).

If you employ additional members of staff, it is a legal requirement to have Employers Liability. Our window cleaners insurance policy will provide you with cover in the event of an incident involving an employee sustaining an injury whilst under your employment. 

This window cleaning insurance policy provides cover for business equipment up to £250 as standard, with the option to increase this if required. The cover includes accidental damage, loss or theft of equipment. Additionally, cover against Loss of Keys and Failure to secure premises, Theft from Unattended Vehicles, Damage to Property Worked upon and Fidelity insurance can be added as optional extras.

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Why choose Protectivity for your window cleaning insurance?

Fast & Simple Process

We aim to make buying insurance for cleaning businesses online easy, that’s why you can get a quote for your Cleaning Insurance policy and buy your cover in just a few minutes.

Trusted by Thousands

We have been providing insurance to UK customers for over 30 years. Today we protect over 60,000 customers each year, and uphold an excellent customer service score based on over 3,000 customer reviews.**

Monthly Payment Options

We are one of the only online Cleaning Insurance providers to offer monthly payment plans with 0% APR. This means you can spread the cost of your cover across 10 months.

Excellent Claims Handling​

Our specialist UK based claims handlers aim to deal with any cleaners insurance claim you have, minor or serious, quickly, without causing disruption to your business.

What is covered with our window cleaning insurance?

Public Liability

You can choose up to £5 million worth of Public Liability to cover you against claims arising from accidental injury to a client or damage to their property. This could be a client tripping over your equipment, or it could be damage to a household item, such as a piece of furniture. Either way, in the event of an accident like this, you are vulnerable to a substantial compensation claim, as well as other associated costs.

Employers’ Liability

If you employ members of staff (even just one) then it is a legal requirement to have employers’ liability insurance in place. This means that if one of your employees is injured while working, and suffers financial loss as a result, your insurer will cover you (up to £10m) for compensation.

Business Equipment

As standard, we provide £250 worth of cover for your equipment against theft, loss and accidental damage, free of charge. You can increase the protection of your items up to the value of £12,000 and add cover for Theft from Unattended Vehicles.

Damage to Property Worked Upon & Treatment Risks

As standard we provide you up to £2,500 of cover for damage to the item(s) you are cleaning at the time you are cleaning it. It also covers damage caused by chemicals you use. This can be increased to cover up to £5,000 for an additional premium, as required.

Optional Fidelity Insurance

In the event your employees have acted dishonestly, fraudulently or committed embezzlement, then we can offer cover up to £10,000 for the period of cover, restricted to a £1,000 per employee.

Optional Loss of Keys Cover

In the event that you lose a client’s keys, you can be covered up to £5000 for new keys, replacement locks, the cost of re-setting intruder alarms and associated call-out costs.

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Fantastic claims handling

Whilst the risk is low, there is always a chance of an unexpected incident, you might have to deal with. That’s why we’re committed to making our claims process as smooth and efficient as possible.

If you need to make a claim, just click the link below, select the relevant form and fill in the details and we’ll take it from there.

Why do you need insurance for window cleaning?

Making sure you have the right cover for your window cleaning business not only provides you with reassurance but will financially cover you in the event of a third party claim. Having the correct window cleaning liability cover will provide protection against the risks involved and help protect you and your business against unexpected incidents.

You may need Public Liability Insurance in the event of you or an employee causing bodily injury or damage to property. Business equipment cover can be added if you invest in specialist equipment and loss of keys cover is an optional extra if you or your employees are trusted key holders.

How much does window cleaning insurance cost?

Depending on your policy, the cost of window cleaners insurance can vary depending on several factors. Public Liability, some Business Equipment cover and Damage to the surface/item being cleaned are included as standard, but upgrading the level of cover will increase the premium. Additionally, other benefits such as Loss of Keys, Fidelity/Dishonesty, Employers Liability increased cover for Damage to Property Worked Upon and increased Business Equipment are optional extras which again would be reflected in the price of the policy.

Whether you are looking for domestic window cleaning insurance or commercial, you should expect to pay somewhere in the region of £60 to £100 a year for your policy or £5 to £9 a month. 

Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Can I include liability cover for subcontractors, who I use to aid my business?

A. This depends on your agreement with your subcontractors. Labour-only subcontractors (working under your direction) can be included on your policy of insurance, for work they provide under contract with yourself and your business only and should be included in the total numbers you provide in this application of insurance.

Bona-fide subcontractors (working under their own direction) will have to have their own insurance cover and cannot be included on your insurance policy but you will be obligated to retain proof of their insurance.

Q. Are my tools and equipment covered?

A. Yes, in the event you lose, damage or have your tools stolen, your equipment will be covered up to the value of £250 with the option to increase up to £12,000.

Q. Are my tools covered for theft when inside my vehicle?

A. No, unless you select the “Theft From Unattended Vehicles” selection during your quote and purchase process and pay the additional premium relating to this.

Q. How many employees can I insure within my policy?

A. We can provide insurance for cleaning companies with no more than 5 members of staff. If your company has more than 5 staff, unfortunately we are unable to help.

This content has been created for general information and should not be taken as advice. Make sure you have the correct level of cover for your requirements. For full details on what is covered check our policy documentation with your quote.

*Prices refer to a quote from our website 01/11/2023. Prices will differ depending on requirements. Make sure you have the correct level of cover for your requirements. For the most accurate pricing get a quote.

**Number of policies sold between 1st Jan 2022 to Dec 2022. 

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