As a pet business owner, by definition, you are working with animals on a regular basis. Because of this, ensuring you have cover for the care, custody and control of these animals in your care is essential.

This comes as standard within our insurance policy and provides you with protection should one of your client’s pets get injured, go missing or even die whilst in your care.

Under your Pet Business Insurance policy, you will be covered for up to £50,000 for the animals you are in charge of (up to £25,000 per animal). There is an excess of £50 on each policy for any care, custody and control claims made, but having the cover in place could save you a huge amount of money were something to happen to a client’s pet.

There are exclusions as to what is protected by this cover. For example, care, custody and control insurance doesn’t include your own animals, pets with existing medical defects, disability or condition or when you are judged to have been in breach of your professional duty.

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