Identifying Your Pet Business USP

Your pet business’s unique selling proposition (USP) is what makes you stand out from competitors and is the reason why customers love you.

Although a USP is effectively a marketing device, it also represents the core values of your pet business and so should be created for your ideal group of customers, offering them something different.

Why do USPs matter?

With so many competitors in the pet business market, prospective customers have a difficult decision when choosing where they put their trust, time and money. If a prospective customer is a relatively new pet parent, this can be even more daunting as they won’t have the experience to know what separates the competition.

Promoting your USP will show prospective customers why your pet business is different and why they should choose you.

How to define your USP?

To define your USP, you first need to know how your pet business measures up against its competition. Do you offer services that others in your area don’t? Do you have different methods; for example, do you have your own way of training unruly puppies? Delve into your business and look at what you offer, compared to others, from a customer point of view.

Think outside the box

Try to be as objective as you can when evaluating your pet business. Get creative and think outside the box. Spotting something that your competitors don’t already offer is perfect, but very hard to find. Think about what your ideal customer wants for their pet and create your own solution for their requirements.

Even if it already exists, putting your own twist on it will be enough to make your business different. Another way to go is to develop one aspect of your business to position yourself as the best for this particular service.

Consider a strong personality

Using your personal experience and drawing on your strengths will immediately give you a unique position within the pet business industry. A strong personality can be a fantastic USP and this is great for pet businesses especially because pet parents won’t leave their beloved four legged friend with just anyone.

If you’re a bit of a character, or someone that people generally warm to quickly, marketing yourself as part of your business brand can lend a friendly face to the corporate side of things. Just make sure that your personality aligns completely with what your business provides.

Once you’ve identified your USP, make it a focus of your marketing plans. Using it in all your marketing materials will make sure prospective customers are aware of what your pet business offers so they’ll remember you.

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