Do pet sitters need insurance?

It is strongly advised that anyone in the UK who is running a professional pet sitting business should take out pet sitting insurance. This advice should also be considered by those who are pet sitting on an amateur basis.

Professional pet sitting is considered a relatively low-risk activity, but the risks that can present themselves for the person who is responsible for a clients’ pet(s), and in many cases the clients’ home, can be significant.

What is Pet Sitter Insurance?

Pet Sitting Insurance is designed to financially protect the insured against claims that could arise due to an accident whilst pet sitting. As a Pet Sitter, Pet Boarder or Animal Minder, you are responsible for the safety of your clients animals and their actions whilst they are in your care.

What sort of insurance do pet sitters need?

Public Liability 

Public Liability covers you should you be sued by a third party (e.g. member of the public) for injury to them or damage to their property. 

It will provide cover for the legal costs associated with defending you in court plus any damages that are deemed payable.

For example, if a dog in your care was to damage a third parties’ property, your client might hold you liable and therefore ask you to cover the cost of the repairs or replacement items.

Public Liability is often the first type of insurance policy most professional pet sitters think about – particularly those just start out.

Employers Liability 

The law requires that you have employers’ liability if you employ someone in your pet sitting service, even if it is just temporarily or voluntary. 

It will shield you from claims made by employees who have had their property destroyed, who have been injured, or who have fallen ill while working for you.

Care, Custody & Control 

Care, Custody or Control is the key to insuring a pet sitter. This provides coverage for the client’s pets and personal property in your care, custody, or control – which includes pets while in transport in a vehicle, pet taxi and other means.
where everything stands and plan for the future with an easily digestible overview.

Equipment Cover

If you are boarding animals at your home, you will need extra leashes, toys, emergency medical supplies, and it is important to protect what you do use. Having suitable equipment cover in place means that if you suffer damage or loss of your tools of the trade, you could be eligible to make a claim.

Non-Negligent Cover 

Like the Care, Custody and Control benefit, you are also covered for accidental loss, injury, illness, or death to an animal in your care during service delivery through no fault of your business.

If an animal in your care was to injure itself and require treatment, through no fault of your own, you will protect you against some of the costs.

Where can I buy Pet Sitting Insurance from?

When shopping around for pet insurance providers, it’s important to create a list of potential providers, so you can see all of your options.

Start with a few reputable companies, and then talk to any insurance agents for advice on the policy they provide. After doing that, talk to any other pet sitters or pet owners you know with experience in this field, as they can potentially inform you of great providers.

Consumer reviews are also a great way to learn more about insurance providers. Once you narrow down your list, reach out to a few providers and collect quotes from them. From there, you can determine which insurance option works best for your business.

By purchasing the right type of pet sitting insurance, you can impress potential employers and show them you are serious about your care business.

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