Why do hairdressers need Employers' Liability?

Whether you are a mobile hairdresser or work in a salon or barber shop, knowing which insurance you require is important. While Public Liability for hairdressing is hugely important, if you employ any staff, having Employers’ Liability is a legal requirement.

The law states that unless those staff members are sub-contractors with their own Public Liability insurance, you must have at least £5 million worth of Employers’ Liability cover. This applies even if those staff members are volunteers and unpaid.

What does Employers’ Liability cover?

Having cover in place will protect you if a staff was to fall ill or be injured whilst at work and blame the business. Should they seek compensation for their illness or injury, the costs could soon run into the thousands for your business. But with Employers’ Liability in place, the costs are covered.

This includes the fees associated with defending your hairdressing or barbering business in court, as well as any settlement due to the staff member if you are found to have acted negligently.

What could result in an Employers’ Liability claim?

There are a number of things that could result in a claim under this section of your Hairdresser Insurance policy.

Consider that your staff will be working with sharp objects such as scissors and razor blades, the risk of injury is higher than you might initially think.

Furthermore, if you offer hair dying treatment your staff are likely to come into contact with chemicals. Ensure that all staff members wear gloves when working with dyes and other bleaches to avoid burns or rashes to their skin.

Lastly, it’s worth remembering that hairdressers and barbers are likely to be on their feet all day. Therefore it is up to you as the business owner to ensure a safe working environment where staff can relax in between clients. Should a member of staff claim that they suffer an injury due to the working environment you adopt, you could face legal action.

How much does Employers’ Liability for hairdressers cost?

We can add this benefit to our Hairdressing Insurance policy with a click of a button.

The cost of this cover depends on the level of Public Liability you select, but starts from around £23.50 a year.

Further information on our policy

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