Why liability insurance for hairdressers is vital

A career as a hairdresser may not seem a risky one but having public liability in place is important. There are a number of risks which could lead to costly legal cases, reaching thousands of pounds. With no insurance in place, you will be liable for those costs, putting both you and your hairdressing business at risk.

So, what does public liability for hairdressers protect you against? There are a number of scenarios when a hairdresser, hair stylist or barber may need to rely on their insurance cover.

Injuries to third-parties

Firstly, hairdressing public liability cover will protect you against injuries sustained to members of the public whilst in your place of work. For example, should a mobile hairdresser leave their bag of equipment on the floor of a client’s house, and their client trips over the bag and injures themselves, a claim could follow. With insurance in place, hairdressers are covered against the legal costs associated with defending themselves in court, as well as the settlement of the claim if they were found to be negligent.

Damage to property

Public liability insurance for hairdressers and barbers won’t cover your own equipment, but it will protect you if you damage someone else’s.

For instance, a hairdresser who visits a client’s home for a haircut but accidentally spills hair dye on their carpet could be liable to a claim. The client may take legal action to reclaim the costs of repairing or replacing the damaged area. Like with injuries to third-parties, public liability insurance while protect hairdressers in this instance.

Professional treatment risks

In all Protectivity hairdresser and barber liability insurance policies, cover against professional treatment risks are also included as standard.

This means that should you sued as a result of your perceived negligence when providing a service or treatment, you are covered. Examples of this scenario could be that you use hair dye on a customer without first checking if they have any allergies. If they then have an allergic reaction to the dye, they may choose to sue you.

A claim on your hairdressing insurance policy could also come about from something as simple as cutting a client’s ear during a haircut, so having protection is always advised.

Hairdressing Public Liability

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