Why Martial Arts?

Why do people take up martial arts?

karate (2)You may have seen one too many ninja films, have visions of becoming the Karate Kid, or know all the words to that song Kung Fu Fighting. However, behind the popular stereotypes surrounding martial arts is a complex and unique discipline. A common misconception about martial arts is that it is focused around ‘fighting’ – throwing kicks and punches to defend yourself. Yet this could not be further from the truth, as to be a martial artist extends far beyond physicality. Fundamentally, the martial arts are not just a sport or a means of self-defence, but a means to learn about your own being and how to express yourself.

It is therefore through practicing martial arts that people are able to improve their self-esteem and self-respect, invaluable qualities that will put you in good stead in all areas of life. No matter whether you practice tai-chi or judo, martial arts focus on developing character, threat awareness and avoidance, traditional skills, connection with mind and body, conflict resolution, and breathing techniques.

I’m a martial arts instructor, how can I market my business?

In order to succeed as a martial arts instructor, there are a few characteristics that you should naturally exude. It goes without saying that you should be enthusiastic with a passion for teaching, but you should also have in interest in your students’ individual needs and interests, and be willing to adapt your course to suit. It is also preferable if you have a wide knowledge base and one that extends beyond a single art form.

However, even as an exemplary instructor, it can be difficult to get your business out there. Martial arts schools in your area may also have great instructors and good marketing strategies, so how can you get noticed?

1. Get creative with social media campaigns
You can publish post after post about your school and what it has to offer but big chunks of text won’t invite people to read the content. You’ll need to invite people to notice your business in other ways. Be innovative – there’s no right or wrong. You could introduce your instructors with comical bios, make light-hearted videos, or jump on the Instagram bandwagon and think of a catchy hashtag!

kids karate2. Start an after-school youth program
Why not capitalise on the fact that most parents work until 5pm onwards, at least 2 hours after most schools finish for the day. This offers the perfect window where kids need something to do. An after-school martial arts program provides parents with an exciting after-school alternative to a nanny, as the added physical and emotional benefits will enhance their child’s wellbeing.

3. Eye-catching community displays
Martial arts clubs commonly go into schools to do displays, or public demonstrations from time to time. But why not tap into the flash mob dance craze, but make it a martial arts mob? This would stop crowds in their tracks, and as everyone’s first instinct today it to film things on their phones, you could get videos displaying the talent at your martial arts school on the Internet within minutes!

4. Focus on adults as well as young people
Broaden your business by accommodating adults with adult-specific classes. Adults will not enjoy sharing a class with young kids, and it also offers parents time away from their children and social interaction with other adults. With more health and fitness conscious individuals looking for interesting ways to exercise, a martial arts class fits the bill perfectly.

I’ve had my martial arts business for a while, how can I expand my client portfolio?

To attract more students, what do you need to do? At a basic level, your martial arts school must grab attention, arouse interest, and motivate people to take action. Beyond these steps, there are some other marketing tips we’ve thought of to help expand your business.

• Gain customer confidence and capitalise on it. If you project experience, dependability, expertise, and a quality service then you will consolidate existing students and win over prospective students.
• If you already have an established client base, why don’t you start a refer-a-friend program? This is an easy way to generate new students, while rewarding your current clients. It’s a win win situation as existing clients are likely to only have positive things to say about your business – especially if there is an incentive. Win for them, win for you – watch it boost your revenue.
• Increase your public presence. The more people who hear about your martial arts school, the more likely you are to tap into a greater market share. Focus on and expose your selling points and get your name out there.
• Invest in your business. If you already have a secure student base and are now looking at expansion, you may have sufficient margins to begin investing more into your business. Could you open another martial arts school? What is the new state-of-the-art equipment on the market and do you think investing in it will draw more students to your school?