Employers' Liability Explained

A member of staff doesn’t have to be paid for you to need employers’ liability. Whether you have volunteer dog walkers, paid groomers or a combination of both you are required by law to hold at least £5 million worth of employers’ liability insurance.

Regardless of their working hours or regularity, a relevant policy must be in place or your pet business will risk facing fines of up to £2,500 a day. The only reason you will not need to take out employers’ liability is if you are using bona fide sub-contractors that hold their own public liability insurance of at least £2 million.

Employers’ liability protects you and your business if any employee were to injure themselves at work and hold you responsible. This could be an injury caused by an animal, or by falling over discarded rubbish or equipment.

If a member of staff was to blame the business and opt to sue, your defence costs and any subsequent compensation would be handled by your insurer. Should you need to make a claim relating to employers’ liability, you won’t have to pay any excess. We are also pleased to offer £10 million worth of cover as standard, double the amount required by law.

An Example of our Employers' Liability Claims

One of our insured dog walkers employed a staff member. The member of staff was out walking a dog and they got bitten by the dog. This happened whilst they were working and so they sued the business that they worked for. We then defended the business and because they were found to be at fault this time the costs were covered.

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