Bridge Club Insurance

Bridge Club Insurance

Bridge clubs often use hired or rented facilities, local authorities or facility owners may request proof of bridge club insurance before a club can use those facilities. Our bridge club insurance includes public liability as standard and will cover any bridge club or group for accidental bodily injury caused to third parties and also damage to third party property. Although a very low risk past time, often bridge clubs will use these rented facilities which will specifically request public liability insurance and therefore it is essential for the club to obtain a policy.

As specialist sports insurers we understand the need for bridge club insurance policies to be tailored to the club’s specific needs and therefore our flexible cover means your club can continue with their activities with peace of mind that should a claim arise we will be there for you. Simply click through and fill in the form below and we will have your bridge club insurance quote back to you within 2 working hours.

How Your Club is Protected

Take out our bridge club insurance and you’ll be protected should a claim arise following injury to a member of the public or one of your members. With the growth of ‘no win, no fee’ more and more sports clubs are seeking protection should one of their members get injured and lay blame on the club.

We’ll handle solicitors, cover your defence costs and should the club be found negligent – handle the settlement of the claim, all you need to do, to get your sports club insurance, is get a quote using the form below and we will have a quote back to you within 2 working hours.

Getting a Quote

To allow us to pull together a bridge club insurance quote we need our online proposal forms completed They will take you no more than 5 minutes to fill in, and once you submit them to us we’ll get to work and have a quote with you within 2 working hours.


Giving you extra

  • Flexible payment options
  • Quotes in 2 working hours
  • Affordable prices
  • Tailored policies to suit your needs

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Flexible payments

We offer multiple payment options at Protectivity, so paying for your insurance policy couldn’t be easier.