Can’t wait to harness up and let your kite fly? Show us how it’s done, and we’ll be right behind you – because we love the wind whipping through our hair too! Whatever your level, we can provide you with the specialist kitesurfing insurance you need.

Protectivity kitesurfing insurance is available to UK and Irish residents taking taking to the water in their home country or abroad. Our Sports Accident Insurance is for those kitesurfing in the UK. It provides benefits such as income protection and personal accident cover, providing a financial safeguard should you suffer serious injury whilst on the water.


If you’re heading overseas for some kite surfing fun, our Sports Travel Insurance policy is the one for you.

It works in a similar way to normal travel insurance, except that it includes cover for those incidents relating to your sport. So not only will you be covered for things like flight delays, lost baggage and cancellation, but you’ll also be covered for any emergency medical expenses and repatriation costs that might be incurred in the event of a kit surfing accident.

Giving you extra

The following are included on all Sports Travel Insurance policies:

  • Over 400 sports covered including competitions
  • 3 levels to choose from
  • Up to £5,600 for sports equipment
  • Independent travel on Annual Multi-Trip policies
  • 24hr emergency assistance

See our FAQs for specialist product information.

Instant Quote | Sports Travel Insurance

Our travel insurance is only valid if purchased before you start your trip.
If you have already started your trip you can purchase Activity Topup insurance while you are travelling, provided you have a valid travel insurance.
I confirm that my trip will start and end in my country of residence (as selected above), and that my trip has not yet started.

How it works

Our kitesurfing insurance will protect surfers in a number of ways. Those taking out our Sports Accident Insurance will benefit for Personal Accident cover that could provide a lump sum payment should you suffer a serious kitesurfing accident. Optional Income Protection will also safeguard a percentage of your weekly income should an injury mean you are unfit for work.

If you are kitesurfing overseas, our Sports Travel Insurance is the policy for you. As well as providing cover for things such as flight delay, cancellation and lost and stolen baggage, it also covers injury suffered while kitesurfing. If you require emergency medical treatment or repatriation back home the costs will be met by your insurance policy.

Whichever kitesurfing insurance policy you choose you will also benefit from Personal Liability cover. This means that should you injure someone else or damage their property you’re covered if they choose to sue. We will handle solicitors and the costs associated with defending you. If you are found liable we will also deal with any necessary settlement.

Key benefits

Medical Expenses & Repatriation Reasonable hospital, medical and other expenses, whilst abroad, following accidental bodily injury, illness, or death during a trip. Includes emergency repatriation back to your home country on medical advice or due to serious accident, illness or death of a close relative or business partner.
Personal Liability Covering your legal liability resulting from accidents causing death, bodily injury or property damage to a third party.
Baggage and Personal Effects Loss of or damage to your personal baggage provided you take proper care to safeguard your property at all times. There are limits for any one article and valuables, and children (under 16 years) are restricted to 50% of the adult limit. Ensure that expensive items (ie videos) are insured elsewhere. Does not include cover for Specialist Sports equipment – see equipment extension below.
Cancellation and Curtailment Covers the actual and unavoidable costs you incur if forced to cancel, cut short or delay a pre-booked holiday as a result of specified causes such as death, injury, illness or redundancy.
Sports Equipement Extends cover to include Specialist Sports Equipment that is not covered under Baggage and Personal Effects.

Flexible payments

We offer multiple payment options at Protectivity, so paying for your insurance policy couldn’t be easier.