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What is Landlord's Legal Expenses Insurance?

Our Landlords Legal Expenses Insurance will cover some of the costs that residential landlords will incur when taking legal action against a tenant. This includes Rent Recovery, Legal Defence, Tenant Eviction, Property Damage and more.

With Landlord Legal Expenses Insurance, we will help you settle the legal disputes in relation to your property, such as instruct our assigned solicitors on your behalf to review your case and commence court proceedings.

Once your claim has been approved our solicitors will help you gain possession of the property, and the policy will continue to make the rental payments that have not been paid by the tenant.

These payments will continue for up to a maximum of 24 months. Our Landlord’s Legal Expenses cover forms part of our Rent Guarantee policy and can’t be purchased separately. You can see full details of what the policy covers further down this page 

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Why choose Protectivity?

Free Legal Service

We have teamed up with LawAssure to give our customers FREE access to an abundance of landlord legal documents such as Tenancy Agreements and Section 21 notices. 

Trusted by Thousands

We have been providing insurance to UK customers for over 25 years. Today we protect over 60,000 customers each year, and uphold an excellent customer service score based on over 3,000 customer reviews. 

Monthly Payment Options

We are one of the only online Rent Guarantee Insurance providers to offer monthly payment plans with 0% APR. This means you can spread the cost of your cover across 10 months.

Excellent Claims Handling​

Our specialist UK based claims handlers aim to deal with any Landlord Legal Expenses claim you have, minor or serious, quickly, without causing disruption to you.

What does our policy cover?

Our Rent Guarantee and Landlord’s Legal Expenses Insurance includes the following benefits as standard:

Rent Recovery

Rent Recovery is one of the main benefits of the policy, which means that we will help recover any rent arrears for up to a maximum of 24 months. Even the most reliable tenants can face financial difficulties which can result in unpaid rent for certain period of time. We’ll help you cover the costs of legal proceedings for undisputed and unpaid rent which is due under the terms of the rental agreement (the unpaid rent in dispute should exceed £500 and the limit on your monthly rental amounts should not be greater than £2,500).

Tenant Property Damage

As part of the policy, we will pay your legal expenses should you need to recover the cost of fixing or repairing damage caused by the tenant to the property and its contents. If you are unlucky enough to have rogue tenants who vandalise the property, for example punch holes in the walls, break the kitchen units or some of the furniture, we would cover the sum providing the damaged items were listed on the pre-agreed inventory and the cost of damage exceeds the deposit paid or one month’s rent, whichever is the greater.

Tenant Eviction

Tenant Eviction is the second main benefit of the policy, which will cover the cost of taking legal action against a tenant to evict them from your property, providing a valid eviction notice has been served. Evicting a tenant is a difficult procedure and needs to be assessed carefully by legal experts.  You need to make sure you’re complying fully with all the current legislation and regulations and treating your tenant fairly throughout.

Rent Guarantee

We will provide you with cover for up to 24 months of unpaid rent prior to vacant possession of the property being obtained. The amount of unpaid rent in dispute needs to exceed £500 – or one-month’s rent, whichever is the greater. So, if for instance your tenant was made redundant and failed to pay their rent, you need to contact us for advice and if necessary, we would help you proceed with the eviction procedure.

Squatter Protection

We will pay the costs for you to pursue legal action to evict a trespasser or any unauthorised person living at the insured property. No landlord wants to have to deal with squatters in their property, but if this ever happens, it’s crucial that you abide by the law and don’t try to remove them yourself. Our Property and Squatter Protection will help you cover the applicable court and eviction costs.

Legal Defence

We will pay the Costs and Expenses to defend you, the landlord, against prosecution in a criminal court arising from the letting of the Insured Property, providing a valid eviction notice has been served. Cover for up to £100,000 in legal expenses for eviction, legal action and court proceedings. You will also have access to a panel of solicitors, ready to offer legal advice on a range of services, including eviction disputes.

I was really pleased with how my claim was settled. It gave me great confidence that Protectivity covers me when the worst happens.

Fantastic claims handling

There is always a chance that you will need to make a claim at some point, that’s why we are committed to making our claims process as smooth and efficient as possible.

If you need to make a claim, just click the link below, select the relevant form and fill in the details and we’ll take it from there.

What is NOT covered under our policy?

The following is not covered as standard:

Prior Claims

Any claim, or incident which may lead to a claim, and which you knew about or ought reasonably to have known about before the start of this policy. 

Commercial Properties

Our policy is designed to protect landlords of residential properties such as single lets, or Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO).

Notice to Quit

Any claim where the Notice to Quit was served by you against the tenant(s) prior to the start of the policy.

Prior Legal Costs

Any legal costs incurred before a claim is made will not be covered. 

Frequently Asked Questions
Q. How does Landlord’s Legal Expense Insurance work?

A.  Landlord’s Rent Guarantee Insurance is part of our Rent Guarantee Insurance product and cannot be purchased separately. It works as a type of landlord insurance which could cover your rental income should a tenant fail to pay their rent. Our policy also provides Legal Expenses cover, which will cover the costs associated with pursuing legal action against your tenants, or defending you if they decide to take legal action against you.

Q. In what scenarios would you take legal action against my tenants?

A.  We would start legal action against your tenant in any of the following scenarios, subject to compliance with the terms of the policy:

– If your tenant fails to pay their rent despite your best reasonable efforts to get them to pay, and they owe either £500 or at least one month’s rent.

– If you are trying to evict the tenant and have a valid reason to do this, we will provide you with legal assistance.

– If the tenant has caused damage to your property or its contents and is refusing to reimburse you, we will take legal action against them on your behalf to recoup those costs.

– If you have squatters in your property, and need to take legal action to get them evicted. 

Q. How much is Landlord’s Legal Expenses Insurance?

A. The cost of your landlord’s legal expenses insurance will depend on how much monthly rental income you wish to protect, plus the amount of tenancies that you wish to cover. Our policy starts from just £150 a year to cover a single tenancy agreement. We provide monthly payment options with 0% APR, meaning you can spread the cost of your cover over 10 months.  

Q. Will I be covered for legal action against my tenant(s)?

A. We will pay for your legal costs, providing the reason for taking legal action against your tenant falls within the terms and scope of cover in our policy.  

Q. Is this policy available for commercial property landlords?

A. No, our Rent Guarantee Insurance is only available to residential landlords. 

Q. Will my Landlord’s Legal Expenses Insurance policy still cover me if I change my tenant?

A. Yes, the insurance is based on the property. As long as the new tenant has passed our referencing criteria and there is a tenancy agreement in place, then the insurance will be valid.

Q. If the tenant is paying over £2,500 per month in rent, can I take out cover up to the maximum limit of £2,500?

A. No – unfortunately if the tenancy contract is covering rent of above £2,500 per month, we won’t be able to offer you a policy.

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More information on what we can cover on this policy can be found on our FAQs page.