Out of School Club Insurance

Clubs operating outside of school hours involving children, like many other businesses involving juveniles, are potentially at a higher risk of encountering a liability claim.

Should a child taking part in the club’s activities injure themselves, their parents may deem it the club’s fault and begin legal proceedings. This is where our Out of School Club Insurance product can protect you and your business.

The policy includes public liability cover and professional indemnity as standard. This means that should a third party get injured or their property damaged, and it is deemed to be the fault of you or the club, the subsequent legal costs are covered.

The cover includes both those that are taking part as well as any other third-party.

The above is included as standard in our Out of School Club Insurance to protect both your business and it’s employees. A free £250 worth of equipment cover also means any damage to your tools of the trade is covered under the terms of your policy.

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How Your Club is Protected

Running an out of school club brings the risk of children injuring themselves, this could see claims brought upon the club if parents believe those injuries were the fault of the club.

Our insurance policy means that any business that finds itself in that position will be covered.

We’ll deal with solicitors, cover your defence costs and should the club be found negligent, handle the claim settlement.

If your equipment is damaged, lost or stolen then our Out of School Club Insurance policy will also cover the cost of a replacement item.

Giving you extra

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  • Professional indemnity
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  • Free equipment cover
  • Tailored policies to suit your budget

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Flexible payments

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