Specialist insurance for rock climbing

Can’t wait to get out into those wide open spaces (and the narrow, tight ones too)? We’re with you! Whatever your level, we can provide you with the specialist rock climbing insurance you need.

Protectivity rock climbing insurance is available to both UK and Irish residents taking part in the activity in their home country or abroad. If you are set to explore the crags of the UK then our Sports Accident Insurance will protect you from things such as personal injuries, physiotherapy fees and Income Protection.

If you are laying down routes overseas, then our Sports Travel Insurance is the policy for you. It works in much the same way that normal travel insurance does, protecting you from things such as cancellation and curtailment, lost baggage and flight delays. However, we are also able to cover you for emergency medical expenses, repatriation and lost activity fees that may be the result of a climbing accident. Get a quote below.

Giving you extra

The following are included on all Sports Travel Insurance policies:

  • Over 500 sports covered
  • 3 levels to choose from
  • Emergency medical expenses and repatriation cover
  • Personal liability cover
  • Up to £5,600 for sports equipment cover
  • Independent travel on Annual Multi-Trip policies
  • 24hr emergency assistance

See our FAQs for specialist product information.

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Important notes about these sports

    You will be covered for the above selected sport(s) plus any sports in sports group 1, 2 and 3. All sports include cover for competition unless otherwise stated.


    We won't cover

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    Cover for the following sports can't be purchased online:

    Please call us on 01494 484800 to purchase cover, or see our full contact details

    How it works

    As a rock climbing specialist, we understand the risks when climbing at home or abroad. With over 20 years experience we are able to offer rock climbing insurance policies to suit your needs.

    Take out our Sports Travel Insurance policy and you are covered for many of the standard travel insurance benefits. These include things like lost and stolen baggage, flight delays and cancellation. Where other policies will exclude rock climbing, we include cover for injuries and any emergency medical expenses or necessary repatriation costs as a result of climbing injuries.

    If you already have standard travel insurance, our Activity TopUp policy is perfect for you. Acting as an add-on to your existing policy it too covers you for emergency medical expenses incurred due to a rock climbing injury.

    Our Sports Accident Insurance is perfect for those climbing in their home country. Public Liability is included as standard, covering you for injury to a third party or damage to their property while out climbing. Personal Accident cover will also provide a lump sum payment should you suffer a serious injury whilst taking part in your sport. To see the full list of benefits to this policy, just follow the quote process.

    Sports Travel Insurance Key benefits

    Medical Expenses & Repatriation Reasonable hospital, medical and other expenses, whilst abroad, following accidental bodily injury, illness, or death during a trip. Includes emergency repatriation back to your home country on medical advice or due to serious accident, illness or death of a close relative or business partner.
    Personal Liability Covering your legal liability resulting from accidents causing death, bodily injury or property damage to a third party.
    Baggage and Personal Effects Loss of or damage to your personal baggage provided you take proper care to safeguard your property at all times. There are limits for any one article and valuables, and children (under 16 years) are restricted to 50% of the adult limit. Ensure that expensive items (ie videos) are insured elsewhere. Does not include cover for Specialist Sports equipment – see equipment extension below.
    Cancellation and Curtailment Covers the actual and unavoidable costs you incur if forced to cancel, cut short or delay a pre-booked holiday as a result of specified causes such as death, injury, illness or redundancy.
    Sports Equipement Extends cover to include Specialist Sports Equipment that is not covered under Baggage and Personal Effects.

    Flexible payments

    We offer multiple payment options at Protectivity, so paying for your insurance policy couldn’t be easier.