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Wedding Public Liability Insurance

Wedding Public Liability Insurance is designed to cover the costs associated with defending the wedding organiser, whether that be the bride, groom or a professional wedding organiser, against claims arising from the injury or death of a member of the public, or for the damage or loss of their property.

Wedding venue owners will often request that public liability is purchased by either the bride or groom before the ceremony takes place.

Our Event Insurance policy, which provides public liability for weddings, is designed to meet the needs of your wedding venue. Even if your venue doesn’t explicitly state that they need wedding public liability insurance, taking out a policy gives you the peace of mind you need to focus on your big day.

Public liability can save you from substantial financial problems. To get an instant quote simply complete our quote form below. If you have any questions our Sales team are available on 01949 887909.

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Who needs Public Liability Insurance for Weddings?

Whilst wedding public liability insurance isn’t a legal requirement in the UK, a lot of wedding venues will ask you (the bride or groom) to purchase it prior to your wedding taking place.

Our policy is also suitable for wedding organisers. We can cover those organising a single wedding or multiple over the course of a year. 

What does wedding public liability insurance cover me for?

Wedding public liability insurance will financially protect you should a member of the public make a compensation claim against you because they were injured or their property was damaged during your wedding. This includes accidental bodily injury, accidental damage to their belongings and accidental death. 

Please note that the policy won’t cover you if you are forced to cancel, reschedule or postpone your wedding, and it won’t protect you if you’re let down by your venue/caterer/florist or other wedding suppliers.

How much Public Liability cover do I need?

Protectivity provides £1, £2, £5 and £10 million in wedding public liability insurance. The level of public liability needed will often be determined by the requirements of your venue, as they will instruct you on the minimal amount of cover needed to meet their conditions. 

If your venue does not require it but you still wish to take out a policy to give you peace of mind, then it is down to you to decide what the appropriate level of cover is to purchase. 

Further information on our policy

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