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We insure many different types of club, from small 4 member chess clubs to large multi sport clubs with hundreds of members.

Sports Club Insurance – what’s covered?

Whether you are playing between friends in a village hall or competitively in a league, the need for insurance to protect the club and its members from being sued still remains.

All individuals who take part in sport and recreation have a duty of care to ensure they do not cause personal injury, financial loss, or damage to property.

If their actions do cause injury, loss or damage and “negligence” can be proved, they become liable to pay for compensation as a result of their actions.

Public liability provides cover for legal liability following accidental injury to another person or damage to third party property.

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Giving you extra!

The following are included on all policies

  • Sports Liability
  • Legal defence Costs
  • Third Party Property Damage
  • Third Party Bodily Injury
  • Employers Liability