Sports and leisure insurance specialists

Get out there… Protectivity has you covered

Sports Insurance. You know you need it. But we know there are far more exciting things to do in life. It’s why we’ve taken the time to develop a user-friendly and speedy way to give you the specialist insurance cover you need. Protection and peace of mind you can depend on. No fuss, no hassle, no loopholes. So you can get it sorted – and get out there…

Only pay for what you need

At Protectivity, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service. To ensure you get exactly the right cover for your specific needs. No more, no less. Our bespoke approach enables us to provide a fully tailored sports insurance policy for whatever activity you have planned – all without a premium price tag. Whether you’re looking for insurance for just a few days or a full year, for yourself or for a larger group, you’ll find our flexibility and comprehensive cover is hard to beat.

Right first time

Buying sports insurance can be complex. But we’re here to help. Quick, easy and accurate online quotes simplify the experience for you. And our friendly experts are always on hand to offer advice and assistance.

Even complex risks quoted within 3 hours

We work extremely hard, here at Protectivity, to develop user-friendly online systems that allow our customers to buy comprehensive insurance cover with ease. Our unique quote technology is specifically designed to save you time and stress.

The majority of the tailored policies we provide can be arranged online within just a few minutes. Any more complicated enquiries are handled by our expert in-house insurance advisors, with 90% of complex risks being quoted within 3 working hours.

Friendly experts

We’re a small team at Protectivity. So you’re likely to have a single point of contact if you do need to speak to us in person about any queries – or if you prefer to call anyway. We’re always happy to say hello and learn about your exciting plans…

Protectivity Sports Insurance – Focused on reducing risk and frustration – for you

We too have experienced the all-too-familiar frustrations of mass market insurance providers attempting to provide policies where one size doesn’t fit all. Or so-called ‘instant online quotes’ that require you to spend a further four hours on the phone trying to refine your requirements… It’s why we choose to stay small, specialist and focused – on your needs, not ours.

So you simply tell us what you think you might require insurance for, and we’ll tell you exactly what you do (or don’t) need – and provide an appropriate level of cover that’s completely suited to your specific needs. All for a fair and competitive price. And without any of the other nonsense. Sounds sensible? Sorted.

Here to protect

As a responsible company, Protectivity never push unnecessary premiums. It’s not in our interests. We simply want to protect you with appropriate cover for your specific activity and circumstances. See our full list of products.