The Best Locations to Host a Party

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There are many reasons to host a party, from celebrating an engagement to a big birthday, nothing beats having your close family and friends with you to bring in an important event. 

From party supplies to caterers, there are many different things to consider when organising a party. To understand where the best locations in the UK are for hosting a party researchers at Protectivity have crunched the numbers.

The best locations to host a party

Our research can reveal that Croydon is the best location in the UK to host a party. The area received an overall partying score of 85/100 and has the smallest number of people per party planner in the country. This means that if you are hoping to put the party planning in somebody else’s hands you’ll have less competition booking a professional in Croydon. 

Walsall is the second-best location to host a party. If food is your main priority for the event you’re organising you’re in luck! In Walsall there are just 111 people per caterer so there are more available to book! With an overall score of 79.5 residents in Walsall should get party planning immediately.

In third place is Milton Keynes which has an overall partying score of 74.5. In this new city, there are only 314 people per party planner, so residents can put their feet up when organising a celebration. 

A map displaying the areas in the UK which are the best to host a party


The worst locations to host a party

In Aberdeen, there are over 10 thousand people per venue, which means you may struggle to find a location to host your gathering with so much competition. The struggle doesn’t stop there as in Aberdeen there are also 32,778 people per party supplier so once you find your venue you may also struggle to decorate it! 

London is the second hardest place to host a party. Although they have only 1,888 people per venue which is much better than its counterpart Aberdeen. Party hosts may struggle to feed their guests as in London there are 17,504 people per caterer. So if you’re planning a party in London – book your caterer now! 

In third place is Plymouth with an overall party score of 15.5. Similarly to Aberdeen, hosts in Plymouth may struggle to find a venue that’s not booked as there are 32,525 people per party venue in this area. There are also over 50 thousand people per party supplier so decorating your venue will be difficult! However, there are only 903 people per caterer so residents are in luck in the food department!

A map displaying the areas in the UK which are the worst to host a party

Best locations to be a party planner 

If you have dreamt of becoming a party planner, you may want to opt to target  the areas in the UK that have the most people per party planner so you have a bigger client pool. 

Researchers at Protectivity looked at the number of party planners registered on and divided this by the population into 30 of the largest UK areas to reveal the locations which have the most people per person. 



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The best location to be a party planner is London, which has over 40 thousand people per party planner currently. 

Three Scottish areas (Glasgow, Aberdeen and Edinburgh) take 2nd, 3rd and 4th place showing that Scotland is really lacking party planners! 

In fifth place is Plymouth, where there are 4,646 people per party planner! 

Thinking of planning a party? 

When planning a party, the most organised hosts will have a party planning checklist. We advise having one if you want your celebration to be discussed for years to come! 

Unfortunately, things can go wrong and as an event organiser, you may be exposed to public liabilities, the loss or damage to equipment and party gear, so you may need party insurance



To uncover the best – and worst – locations to host a party, we gathered the number of venues, suppliers, entertainers, caterers and party planners for the 30 largest locations in the UK. 

We then divided the population by the number of these to calculate the number of people per item. The locations were then scored for each category with the smallest number of people per category being scored the highest. Each location was then given an overall score out of 100.