What Insurance Do I Need As A Personal Trainer?

As a personal trainer you are putting yourself in a position of trust. Your clients are reliant on you providing a good, safe service to reach their goals.

However, even with good intentions things can go wrong. Whether that is injury to a paying client or damage to someone else’s property, you could find yourself in a troublesome situation legally and financially.

By taking out personal trainer insurance you can protect yourself if things do go pear-shaped. Generally, the insurance you need as a personal trainer can be split into four aspects.

Public Liability

This cover ensures that if you injure a third-party or damage their property, you’re protected. If that person opted to sue you in these circumstances, your insurance will generally take care of solicitors and the legal costs associated with defending you in court.

Should you be found negligent, and therefore to blame for the injury or damage, any settlement is taken care of by your insurance.

As a personal trainer, there are a number of  possible scenarios that might lead to a Public Liability claim. This includes damage to equipment if you operate in gym as opposed to your own studio, or a client tripping over miss-placed weights and hurting themselves.

Professional Indemnity

When taking training sessions it is important to protect yourself for what you say, as well as what you do. Professional Indemnity covers the advice that you give to clients. Much like Public Liability, it covers you should a third-party suffer an injury that’s deemed your fault.

If a client is injured because you hadn’t explained an exercise correctly, or became ill as a direct result of negligent nutritional advice, you would be covered.

Equipment Cover

Although it’s perfectly achievable to run a personal training business without any equipment, it’s likely you will use some items in your sessions. Whether they are exercise mats, weights or other machines, getting cover in your insurance is important. Most policies will cover your equipment for damage, and theft, and replace or repair them if you needed to make a claim.

Personal Accident

Some insurance providers (Protectivity included) allow you to add Personal Accident cover to your policy. This aspect of your insurance comes into play if you, yourself are injured. Suffer a serious injury at work and you could be eligible to make a claim. There are a number of scenarios and injuries that entitle the holder to claim for a lump sum payment.

The reasons you could claim range from the serious (Permanent Total Disablement) to relatively minor (dental work).

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