10 Great Tips for your Hairdressing Facebook Page

Social Media is a great way to keep in touch with existing clients and reach potential new ones and so is worth investing some time in. Fortunately, the costs can be quite low making it a very valuable advertising channel.

Facebook is a fantastic way to reach your key audience, with tools that enable you to target a specific group of people with relevant and engaging posts.

Creating a page on Facebook is fairly simple, you are guided through the process step by step, prompting you to include all of the essential information that you need.

Here are 10 great hair salon Facebook page tips:

1. Branding is key

Make sure that your Facebook page has branding consistent with the branding in your salon.

Any logos, straplines, colour themes and style should be the same online as it is offline in the salon. In the absence of being able to hold a face to face conversation or let them experience the atmosphere in the salon for themselves, it is important to create this impression for them.

2. Make a good impression

Your Facebook page might be the first contact and experience that a potential client has with your business. You should ensure that all spelling and grammar is correct on your page and within all the posts that you make. Don’t let a spelling mistake be the reason for losing a potential client!

3. Post regularly

It is important to maintain frequent contact with your Facebook audience so that you remain top of mind. Ideally post a couple of times a week.

There is a scheduling tool available on Facebook so that you don’t need to remember to do a post this often, you can schedule them in advance to post at key times as selected by you.

4. Ensure all content is relevant

Remember that posts don’t have to be about your salon but can instead be about relevant topics such as hairstyles, products or lifestyle tips.

Regular content that is relevant to your audience is better than no content at all! Try to plan a range of content from updates about the salon and offers to the latest celebrity hairstyle or colour trend!

5. Be impactful

Your followers will have a lot of Facebook content to scroll through, so it is important to make your post impactful.

Don’t be tempted to include too much information, keeping it to the point with some personality but not too much emotion. Images work very well on a Facebook post as they are more impactful than lots of text for people scrolling through their news feed.

6. Make your posts engaging

Posts that people can interact with are a great way of generating interest in your page. Asking questions, creating a poll and asking for opinions are all ways to engage followers in your page and your salon.

7. Share posts

Encouraging followers to share your posts is a great way to advertise yourself and your business and attract potential new clients by reaching a new audience.

You can encourage your existing followers to share both your posts and your page by keeping content short, engaging and informative. Hopefully your followers will like and share your post!

8. Use Facebook reviews

Facebook reviews are a great way to get additional content on your page and get your clients to recommend you. Encourage clients to leave their positive reviews on your page and you can even share them on your page again at a later date!

9. Get your staff involved

Ask your staff to like the page from their own personal pages and get them to ask their clients to visit and like the page and leave a review.

10. Make sure you manage page performance

It is one thing to have a Facebook page, but it is important to be able to understand how it is working for you as a tool. Make use of the Facebook Insights tool which can tell how many people have engaged with your page and how this is changing over time.

Using this function can help you to understand which posts have been the most engaging so you can continue to use the same type of posts in the future. The insights function can be found along the menu at the top of your page once you have set it up.

Take advantage of Facebook as a Social Media Channel enabling you to reach a new and relevant audience. When creating and posting on your page, make sure that you follow the principles that you and your team would follow in the salon.

Ensure that the same professional impression is recreated on your Facebook page so that existing and potential clients leave your Facebook page wanting to head straight for your salon!

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