10 things to consider when organising a winter event

When planning an event there are always a lot of factors to consider and the weather is one that you need to prepare for but can’t be avoided. If you are planning an event in the winter, then you may need to consider a few extra factors that might not be a concern in the summer.

1. Accessibility

Consider how guests will get to the venue. If there is a frost or snow, then you might find that paths and car parks are slippery. Make sure that you are prepared to grit any access routes if necessary and avoid any accidents!

2. Public Transport

If your guests are due to arrive by public transport, consider that there might be restrictions during winter months or that some services might not even run in severe weather conditions.

If you are expecting transport to be affected, give attendees as much advice as possible in terms of checking that services are running before they travel. 

This advice is likely to need to be sent quite close to the event itself so make sure that you have contact details (e.g. an email address) and be prepared to send information out if necessary.

3. Toilets

In cold weather there is always a risk that pipes or even toilets themselves might freeze, so ensure that you have a discussion with the venue or the supplier of any portable toilets that you might have to ensure that there are contingency plans in place.event.

4. Cloakroom

Everyone is likely to be in thick coats so make sure that there is a system in place and enough space to store coats/umbrellas.

Consider also the entrance to the event might get covered in snow as people enter, posing a slip hazard so take precautions either with the flooring or to have someone available to keep it safe for your guests passing through.

5. Lighting

There are less daylight hours in winter so make sure that you consider lighting at your venue. While fairy-lights are very pretty, you need to ensure that your guests can still see where they are going! 

Candles can also be a lovely solution for a winter event but first check that your venue allows them to be used.

6. Heating

It might seem obvious, but this is especially important if your event is being held in a marquee for example. Discuss any heating requirements with your venue or marquee supplier to ensure that your guests are comfortable.

7. Food and Beverage

Be sure to consider the weather when planning your event menu. You might want to opt for hot food and avoid a cold buffet and salads for example. If you are planning a Christmas event, then you could include some mulled wine or at a party to be held on a cold winters day hot chocolate and marshmallows might be a big hit!

8. Dress Code

Advise attendees of any things that they might need to consider. For example, if you are organising a winter party which will require guests to stand outside for periods of time in cold weather, let them know on the invitation or in the delegate pack and advise them to dress appropriately.

9. Insurance

Having the right Event Cancellation Insurance policy in place will ensure that you are protected if the worst happens and your event must be cancelled or postponed due to severe weather conditions or if a key speaker or entertainer can’t get to the venue.

10. Theme your event

There are plenty of winter themes that you can take advantage of during the winter months. For example, a children’s party could be themed around the Disney film ‘Frozen’ or you can create an indoor winter wonderland. 

Your menu could be themed around winter with lots of delicious warming foods included.

Take advantage of the season and consider these factors to help make your winter event a success!

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