12 awesome and unusual wedding cake ideas

The cutting of the cake symbolises a key part of every couple’s wedding day. Having that cake to remember is likely to be a consideration that everyone will encounter during the planning stages.

Some will opt for a traditional approach of a two or three-tiered sponge or fruit cake for their showstopper. Others though will opt for an alternative approach.

We’ve searched Instagram for 12 of the most unusual wedding cake ideas that really stand out on your big day.

The Compromise Cake

It may be that you and your significant other have very different ideas of what you want for your wedding cake, or you may agree but are undecided on whether to go traditional or wacky.

In that case, this half and half wedding cake is the perfect compromise!

We especially love the creativity of this one, with diagonal splits rather than a straight split down the middle. For the couple wanting some photos of a traditional cake, the split can instead be shown only at the back of the cake.

The Split Flower Cake

The obvious choice for a flower loving couple, the split flower cake trend is popping up on both Instagram and Pinterest feeds with various takes on it.

We loved this pastel coloured version on a two-tier split flower cake. Perfect for when you want your cake to tie in with your wedding flowers in an extra special way!

The "Is-it-really-a-cake?" Cake

Whether it is Harry Potter themed like this one inspired by the memory Cabinet in Dumbledore’s office, or just something significant to you both, there are some wedding cakes out there that make you go “Wow, can we really eat that thing?”.

This example is one of them, obviously from a super skilled baker!

The Cheese Lovers Cake

This trend has been around for a few years now but can be done in so many ways.

Perhaps you’ve had a sweet dessert as part of your dinner and don’t want to give your guests an even bigger sugar rush, or maybe you just love cheese (lets be honest, who doesn’t?).

Decorate with fruits and berries as above or go even more rustic with twigs and mixed nuts.

The Sheep Herder’s Cake

We are not quite sure what to say about this cake.

It obviously requires some serious skills to make this, and I think another element required would be a fun-loving couple who wants a talking point at their wedding.

Maybe the next one will be a horse, or a dog?

The Arty Cake

If we saw this brought out at a wedding, we wouldn’t know if it really was a cake or just a piece of art.

This is fun, unique but also breathtakingly beautiful!

We also love the brave almost royal blue colour which really draws you into this stunning and probably yummy wedding cake!

The Suspended Cake

Another trend that has been growing over the last few years is the suspended wedding cake.

It obviously doesn’t have to be as lavish as the one above, and there are even some suspended upside-down cakes seen out there on the feeds.

It certainly makes for some stunning photos even with a simpler structure, just be careful it doesn’t drop on your feet when you cut it!

The Cinnamon Roll Tower

If you love cinnamon rolls, why not have it as a replacement to your wedding cake?

This mouth-watering creation even set on flames, if that doesn’t call for a WOW from your guests then we don’t know what would.

Make sure to include icing or some chocolate sauce as above to get your guests fighting to be first in line for a piece.

The Cake Pops Tower

If you don’t actually want a traditional cake at all, but you still want the tiered setup, these cake pops that we see everywhere now is a fun and simple idea to replace your cake with.

You can easily tie it in with your wedding theme or colours and can present them in plenty of different ways.

The OTT Cake

The winner in WOW. If there’s any time to go big on a cake it’s at your wedding, right?

So why not have your baker create a magical castle cake twice the size of you. We think it is absolutely amazing, but would you really want to cut the cake?

This masterpiece surely must remain untouched.

The Mini Wedding Cake Tower

Perhaps you still want a cake but not the traditional tiered creation with sugar paste flowers or blingy decoration.

The naked cake first made its appearance a while back, and so did the cupcake towers replacing the full-size wedding cake.

But the above marries the two trends in a new take with semi-naked individual cakes majestically soldiering below the main cake. Clean cut, simple and stunning!

The Donut Wall

Another trend that we have seen increasingly over the last year or two is the donut wall, and who doesn’t love a donut?

Just like with a traditional wedding cake, you’ve got plenty of option here to incorporate wedding theme and colour on the icing and decoration of these delicious soft buns.

And it even makes for a substitute photo booth back drop!